Monday, January 1, 2018

Birthday Post: Recap Goals from 2017 and New Goals for 2018

Goals from 2017:

- I would really like to run Hood to Coast again this year if my team from last year invites me back. With that goal I would like to avoid heat exhaustion this time around, because that was no joke! (Did not end up running it this year. C.J. and I were invited to run it together but we had a lot of weddings to attend. More than I originally planned on) 

- Go to Nashville, TN in the Spring! (Didn't make this happen sadly)

- Visit Cayly in Orange County (April 2017)

- Begin planning my next international trip- Preferably to Spain! Most likely for 2018 (Working on it!)

- Begin applying for Community Manager positions within my company (I have decided that Property Management is not what I want for my future, so I will not be pursuing this)

- I want to purchase my own website and move my blog to that space (I did purchase my own domain this year, but have not redone my website quite yet. I would love to eventually though)

- Incorporate more work out related posts for my Blog (Didn't get to do this alot either, but I would love to do some filming and C.J. and I have talked about doing that together)

- I would love to collaborate more with photographers and do more fashion posts on my Blog (Definitely focused more on this, but want to do even more next year!)

- Possibly start the process of buying a condo. It might be just to find renters to make side income.  Not sure yet. (Right now I am not interested in doing this. Definitely in the future though!)

Goals for 2018:

- Travel to Spain ideally in the Spring, but if not... NASHVILLE THIS YEAR FOR SURE!

- Take a class at the Mac store to learn how to operate my dang laptop! For being a social media consumer you would be surprised at how much I DO NOT know about TECHNOLOGY!!

- Make money doing things I am passionate about (ie. social media/blogging- Side Hustling)

- See Taylor Swift in Concert (or at least attend one if not more concerts)

- More Fashion Posts, and would love to do some real collaborations with photographers

- I would love to take a hot air balloon ride!

- Take more time to rest

- Read 2 books (I never read anymore, and I want to get back into it)

-Cook more at home and expand my cooking repretoire

-Continue working on my legs and abs in the gym. I have been targeting these muscle groups in the past few months and have loved my results so far!

The High Points from 2017 in Picture Form:

Visiting Cayly in L.A
C-Tips Wedding 
Spokane Wedding for Amy and Marshall
Kissing Him..... my Favorite!
Sunriver with my Handsome
Danielle's Wedding
Trying to Keep up with this Guy in the Gym
Sunriver with the Fam
Shauna Pants' Wedding
Thanksgiving with Christian
Hood River 2017
Lindsey's Bachelorette Party at the Beach and some Portland Gear Advertisement

Pendleton Roundup
4th of July St. Paul Rodeo with Holls and C.J.
Thanksgiving with my Favorite People
Blake Shelton Concert
Just Flying a Plane.. NBD

Love and Wrapping up 2017 and Looking Forward to 2018


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Wearing Polka Dots to a Wedding

Wedding Outfit Details: Dress: Lulu's; Wedges: Target: Belt: Forever 21; Hat: Old Navy

Three weeks ago CJ got a job offer in Walla Walla Washington working at the hospital there. He will be doing innovative physical therapy work with doctors helping them treat patients with back pain etc. He is really excited about the work he will be doing, so I am exited for him! As we discussed his job offer it was hard for me to process the fact that we would once again be dating long distance and that he would be living in Walla Walla a tiny town known for their amazing wineries. I still haven't even been there to know what it's like. But I do know it's small and quaint. His first day there is September 18th and he moves into his first ever apartment that is all his on the 22nd. The whole process will not be easy, and it's been an emotional few weeks leading up to him moving home to Eastern Oregon yesterday out of his place in Sherwood. I hate not being able to be with him on a regular and consistent basis, but it makes the times we do get to see each other that much more exciting and special! 

This wedding in Sunriver was our third out of 7 weddings for the rest of the year. CJ will have been in 3, and I am in 2. It's been a crazzzzy summer, but it's been full of amazing memories already. I get to see CJ in 2 weeks when he comes back this way for our 4th wedding in Silverton. Already counting down the days. 

Love and Long Distance Dating


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Summer Dresses in Sunriver and Something to Stay Tuned for!

Dress: Target; Wedges: Nordstrom Rack; Purse: Charming Charlies

Another Moon family Sunriver trip for the books! It was such a fun time this year. My nephews are getting so much bigger now, so they did a great job of keeping up with all of our activities. We went to the pool and rode bikes and floated the river which is always my favorite activity! I loved sharing meals together and when the baby boys went to bed we would all play games and would just laugh and have the best time! It was fun having C.J. there too, to show him one of my favorite places, because he had never been there before! This year was definitely a year to remember and already can't wait to go back! Well and C.J. and I will be back there at the end of August actually for a wedding, so I get to go twice in one year which is a dream come true, even if it's only for a weekend! Can't believe how fast this summer is flying by already, trying to enjoy every moment of it, but C.J and I are very on the go that it can be exhausting. Trying to find rest during the week the best I can.  

Stay tuned for some updates on life and some difficult decisions that were made this week that I am having to wrap my head around. Life never goes according to plan, and you would think I would know that by now. But I guess that makes the Lord all that more important in our lives as we choose to trust him knowing that he has a plan that is far better of us than we could even imagine. Even if it looks different than we thought. Praying I can keep surrendering the plan I thought I had for myself, and choose to accept his will and guidance in my life. 

Love and Summer Vacations! 


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Perfect Floral Dress to Wear to a Wedding!

Got to be the plus one for this handsome guy
Dress and Heels: Lulu's - The slit is what sold me! 
Seriously the prettiest hotel
It's all in the details
So fun meeting Olivia and Kelsey!
Inside the Hotel 
About to leave for the rehearsal dinner; Dress: Nordstrom Rack (5 years ago...) Heels: Lulu's

Friday of last week CJ and I headed from Eastern Oregon up to Spokane Washington for his good friend's wedding on Saturday. Friday night we had the rehearsal dinner at this beautiful castle with an amazing meal of Steak and Halibut. It was nice to meet alot of CJ's friends in a smaller setting. Saturday was the wedding and they had the reception at The Historic Davenport Hotel where we stayed the whole weekend. It was beautiful and charming and I felt so fancy staying there. The kind of hotel that comes with robes in the closet... you know what I'm talking about! The wedding was beautiful and it was fun to celebrate CJ's friend's and get to know them all better!

I was very much so looking forward to this wedding so I could finally wear my dress from Lulu's that I had been saving for this occasion! The perfect guest wedding dress! Shop Lulu's here! I tried to find the exact link to my exact dress, but I think it might be sold out. However... they have so many other fun flirty floral dresses to choose from! This website has been my life saver for all of the weddings I have coming up this season! Definitely check them out, they have a great return policy and they offer you discount codes all the time sent directly to your inbox!

This was the 2nd wedding of the season! 5 more to go!!

Love and Lulu's Obsessionssssss