Thursday, March 25, 2010

He's Perfect, in His Perfect Little Way

Do you ever feel like you are wasting away time when you don't have anyone special to share your life with? I mean I have good friends, a Best Friend even. I love to share my life with them.. but having a boy seems to make sharing your life all that more exciting and worth while. Sometimes its nice to have them around to be taken care of, or so I can take care of him. I'm ready to pour into him, and likewise. Someone to travel with. Someone to kiss, someone to laugh with, or play my guitar for. Someone to sing to. Someone to encourage me, to Hug me. Someone I can make a lasagna for. Someone who thinks Im smart, and tells me so, who laughs with me at the same movie quotes and loves hearing me tell stories from my day. Someone who finds me beautiful, and isn't afraid to hold my hand in public. Someone who loves my best friend Danielle and will hold me when my dog Reggie eventually dies. Someone to take me to San Diego because they know how much I love that city. Someone I can drink coffee with, and bring them dessert when they are having a bad day at work. Someone who loves staying at the Denney's house with me, and knows how to shoot a gun with Mychal. Someone who is great with kids and doesn't mind holding a baby. Someone who respects his mother and father and treats them with tenderness and compassion. Someone who is driven and motivated, not afraid of the world, but not of the world. Someone who likes to dance and play soprts. Takes care of his body, and takes his outfits somewhat seriously. He may or may not wear Vans, but knows how to work a good pair of baggy sweat pants. Someone who my brother Ben respects, who loves spending time with my parents. Someone who knows how to dominate in Pictionary, and can appreciate a good hug from my mama. Someone my Father would be proud to have as a son and would give his blessing to. A Mister Fix It, who can appreciate a good looking car. A man who is goofy and makes me laugh. A man of no secrets and no addictions. Maybe a tatoo or two, perhaps a musician. A man who loves Jesus Christ but still has room in his heart for me, His Best Friend. A man who means it when he says "Always and Forever."
God is teaching me patience, this was just on my heart so I had to get it out here. Some days I just long for him, but I trust my Lord with this. Ok I better go call my cousin about going to the beach tomorrow.
Love and Patience,

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fresh Meat on the Blog Street

So this whole Blog thing seems so far to be pretty great. Sometimes you just want to write and express yourself, but don't know where it's best to express yourself. I write in journals, but then Im obviously the only one reading it.. unless one of my roommates is alot creepier than I am aware of. Facebook isn't the best place to express yourself because then just anyone can be in your bidness, like that random dude from my econ class who I didn't know even knew my name... So I have been wanting to start a blog, but just never sat down to it, until today. So if you are out there reading this... then great! I hope above all else I can make you laugh, or make you feel better about yourself because my thoughts are just super goofy. Sometimes I just want to be this deep thinker who is wise above her 21 years. But I kinda don't think thats the case with me, whether I like it or not. I have this part of me, who just wants to create, but Im no good with drawing, so I'm finding new outlets for my creativity like with writing this, and playing the guitar. THE GUITAR is sooooo fun. It's my new favorite. You know in the movie "Elf" with Will Ferrel, he says "Singing's my favorite." Well the Guitar is MY favorite. I started learning/ playing in Novemeber. So I've been going at it, for about 4 and a half months now. I can play some great Worship songs, and im really working on my strumming patterns. I love it. Such a great outlet, and great time for me to spend with Jesus. Sometime I will have to record me playing and post it on here. I would love that. But for now I must go. I think I might not study, and instead rearrange my bedroom. What a great way to procrastinate right?
Love and furniture

Finals Week

Today marks the first day of finals week. It also marks 4 more days until I get to leave for Wildhorse Canyon (blah blah "you're supposed to call it Washington Family Ranch" I KNOW!) to do College Work Week! You bet I paid $50.00 to go clean up the camp! I mean where else would you be able to serve Christ 1, and 2 meet awesome people from all over Oregon who love Christ too?! And what's all this talk about Spouse hunting while you are at College Work Week? Do people really do that? I kinda thought it was a joke until I found out that some people were pretty serious about it. What happened to trusting in the Lord when it came to your future husband/ wife? In the last year the Lord has shown me sooooo much. But please believe that Jesus and I had conversation after conversation about giving up my future husband to him. I tried to keep that in my firm grasp, until I learned that nothing has meaning unless it is centered around Chirst. I can try and find Mr. Perfect on my own, but I will fail. God has given me such a peace in my heart in knowing that He knows the desires of my heart. "Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the Desires of your heart." -Psalm 37:4 Poor Jesus. He had to keep beating me upside the head with that verse. haha. I can be somewhat stubborn at times. Im just trying to stay open to what the Lord is trying to teach me. It's not always easy trying to listen to his still small voice, but it's there. I know with all my heart that he has great plans for me, and I am just along for the ride!
Today also I am meeting up with two freshman girls from Corvallis High School for coffee. I am hoping to be there Young Life Leader. Or just someone that can walk alongside them. I just love High School Girls! They are so much fun, and don't have a lot to stress about, like I do. ha. I would love to disciple these young women. Just have to be praying about it.
Well I better get going it's 11:00 am, and I haven't even made my coffee yet! Until next time.
-Love and final exams