Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We All Just Wanna Be Big Rockstars and Live in Hilltop Mansions Driving 15 Cars

Today is one of the those days where you wake up in the morning already wishing it was the next day. So much on my plate and all I want to do is watch a movie and not leave the house. I love my life and feel blessed every morning when I wake up in my warm bed with a bedroom that is all to my self (and purple and i love it) and I realize that I can make myself breakfast every day and coffee. I know that I am a blessed little girl, but it's hard not to want to live a different life sometimes. Or it could just be that I feel trapped by college because I have to be here for 2 more years. Dropping out of college isn't an option and I know that. I want to be able to have a degree, it's something I know I can be proud of. I also experience days like today however, where I wish I had tight black denim on, black fingernails, a pink streak in my hair, tattoos all over my arms, and a guitar in my hand. Living in Portland working, and pursuing music. Im pretty over being in Corvallis right now. I love it, don't get me wrong, but Im ready to be home in Beaverton for the summer. I want to get a bike and bike all around Portland this summer. My best friend is going to be in Hawaii all summer so it looks like a somewhat lonely summer for me. I should just make a list of tons of things I want to do this summer. It would be great if I had a side kick, like an awesome golden retriever or something. Well one thing is for sure I will be great at doccumenting my summer whatever I do. This is my 2nd to last summer EVER. In 2 more years I will have to be working year round most likely, well depending on what God has in store. Maybe Bible School is in store. I would love that. K I have to finish a business law paper all for now!
Love and Rock N' Roll

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