Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just Another Day In Paradise

Well Friends,
Did I ever tell you about my climbing Mount Everest? Well I did, and it took on another name, a psuedo name if you will, I like to refer to it as Math 111. They say that Nationally it is the most failed class in college. Welcome to your walking statistic. I have now officially failed Math 111 3 times! No doubt a record in my book! What does this mean you ask? Not only does it mean that I epically suck at math, tag teaming with my cold stone hard hatred for math, but it really means that I don't think I can return to Oregon State University in the fall. This is not good news for me. I have my job waiting for me with Young Life in Corvallis. All of my friends are in Corvallis. I LOVE OSU. I feel like such a failure. My intent isn't to give up on schooling, I just hate that I have to transfer somewhere. It was always my great plan to graduate from a 4 year school, and show myself and everyone else that I could do it, and that I am good enough. But this just shows that I'm not. Epic Fail, Katie Moon. Now it looks like moving back in with mom and dad, sleeping on a futon and tip toeing around the house from 9 pm on, because thats when my parents go to sleep.
I had an interview with the Nike Employee Store yesterday and I don't think I got that job either. So Im jobless, school-less, friend-less (starting tomorrow) and respect-less.
Trust in the Lord and Lean not on your Own understanding.
Love and teary eyes,

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