Friday, June 25, 2010

Tattoos and Dreads, Stilts and Fire

Well Friends today marks 2 weeks of summer vacation. What have I done with it you ask? For starters I have watched more Laguna Beach in these last 2 weeks then should ever be allowed. I have actually heard myself use the term "that's gnarley" out loud in a sentence. Good sign that I need to step back from my lap top and be mellow for awhile. I have started a diet/ exercise program with my mom, and have just been hanging with my friends that are around the area. I went to "Last Thursday" tonight in Northeast Portland. That was an experience for the books let me tell you. I have never been that overwhelmed. My friends and I just walked around in our group the whole time in silence pretty much, because there was too much to observe and take in. It was more people watching than anything else. Tattoos and dreads, stilts and fire. Im loving this Portland culture. It's slightly shocking to a girl from Beaverton, walking around with raised eye brows and a camera. I just love the different atmosphere, I wish Danielle could be here to enjoy it with me. Randomly saw 4 people I knew. I mean this place was pretty nuts. So fun though. I love random hang-outs. Spur of the moment decisions. Tonight I also received a call from Nike!! He left a message, Im to call him in the morning. I really hope it's good news. I will keep you posted. Im thinking that if the job works out, Im going to have to get my tattoo. I think it's time. Although I want to save as much money as possible, while paying my parents back for money I still owe them from last summer with rent money. I'm getting so anxious about money. I wish I was a better saver than spender. Sometimes I just feel like its completely out of my control even though I know thats not true. Ok well just wanted to keep you updated. Here's to more summer weather like what we had today!
Love and Portland Living

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