Friday, July 30, 2010

Good Times, Sunshine and Summer Time.

This is my second week at the Nike Employee Store. It's going well so far, and today I get my first pay check. I'm going to a wedding tomorrow for my friend's Rachel and Jordan! I need to pick them out a present today.
I've been thinking. Isn't Oregon beautiful in the summer? Possibly more beautiful than alot of other states in the summer time. We as Oregonians hold summer close to us. Gripping it with all our might, for we know that soon the leaves will begin falling, and we will be staring down the barrel of winter. There are so many times when I wish so badly that winter would end sooner, the flowers would begin blooming and we could start our summer weather in May. But I think overall God made Oregon in utter perfection. Making me understand that summer is a time to go all out. Experience nature as a true Oregoninan should. Have your body be exposed to some Vitamin D that actually comes from the sun, and not a pill. Driving with the windows down, blasting country music. I get antsy sometimes thnking about how the closer we get to September, the sooner my tank tops and shorts go back in the deepest part of my closet.
I get so inspired in the summer too. It's alot easier to pretend I'm living in San Diego when it's nice outside and in the 80's. All I can think about is San Diego. It might not even be all it's cracked up to be for me, but I just want to live there for a short time and get it out of my system. I also don't want to go against what the Lord wants for my life, so I need to not let my praying knees get lazy. Alright I gotta get my check and get the happy couple a wedding present. Until Next time!
Love and Summer Tans