Friday, December 17, 2010

Passionless in Portland

The other day my best friend and I were discussing what we were passionate about, and how to define passion. I asked her what she thought I was passionate about and she said music and babies. hahahahahahaha. Oh my stars, I am not even sure what to do with that information, because 1) I am no musician, I claim to play the guitar, and sing along to songs that I didn't even write. 2) No babies even remotely exist in my life. No family members that live in Oregon have babies, and I certainly do not have a baby, so my two so called passions are basically non existent. How sad! I have friends traveling all over the world, graduating from college to start careers they are passionate about, friends who are passionate about ministry, and art, and culture, and studying people. I, Katie Moon, am passionless. Danielle and I then proceeded to spit ball back and forth about things I get excited about to see if we could find a passion in there somewhere. I think alot of my passions I have disregarded because I feel like they could never happen, or those dreams could never come true. I am a realist right? Well maybe I don't want to be a realist anymore. Maybe I want to be an optimist with PASSIONS! But what are passions if they do not co-exist with those desires that are the Lord's for my life. My dad mentioned that maybe it's a good thing I don't have alot of desires at this point in my life because it leaves me more readily available for what the Lord might call me to do. I liked that, I do like that, but I still feel like that's a cop out for not just figuring out what I am passionate about and essentially going after it. School doesn't help either. School does a great job of taking away excitement and pleasure right out of my life. Please Lord Jesus let me graduate! I wanna kick OSU in the rear, and then thank them for a great 7 years.
I guess what I'm trying to say is, I am going to devote some time to think, process, and analyze exactly what it is I love. What I get excited about, what it is that gets me out of bed in the morning... other than Jesus. Is it being a wife and mother someday, is it exploring my musical side more, or is it something completely different that I am yet to figure out? I am just a little tired of feeling driven-less. So here is to discovering my loves of the world! Off to work. All for now.
Love and Exploration

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  1. Haha if this was facebook I would "like" this. I think there is much passion inside you just ready to burst, I bet you will figure out what towards soon.