Monday, January 31, 2011

Inspirational to ME!

Oh man I have been watching her youtube videos all morning. I love her. She is so inspirational to me. Just looking at her makes me long for California, and to quit school and pursue music. Perhaps someday? Hope you guys enjoy her as much as I did.

Love and Jayme Dee

Friday, January 28, 2011

This One's for you Shauna Pants

Tomorrow is a day I am not entirely looking forward to. Tomorrow I have to say goodbye to a friend that entered my life very quickly and changed my life very quickly. If any of you have known Shauna, you would know what a warm, kind, hilarious, loving, forgiving, respectful, and beautiful person she is. I'm not ready to say goodbye, even if it is just see ya later. I don't want to do it. Naturally I am the type of person that if i don't want to do something, I won't do it. I always had problems with authority growing up because of that. (It's an issue I'm dealing with, really trying to work on it, sorry mom) But in this case saying goodbye to Shauna is not something i can run from, hide from, or neglect to do. I have to face it. Just sitting here reflecting on my friendship with her is making tears stream down my face, and makes me feel a little emptier inside knowing she won't be here.
Shauna, please understand how incredibly excited I am for you and your journey ahead. Know that I am praying for you and am so proud of you for following the Lord, and living out his will for your life. You are incredibly gifted, and the people of Slovenia will be so immensely blessed by your work and hand in their lives.
Thank you my friend for being there for me when I needed you. Thank you for your advice, wisdom, laughter and sisterhood you blessed me with in the last year and a half that I've known you. I asked Jesus if I could have a friend like you in Corvallis and he answered my prayer within a matter of weeks. I didn't know it was possible to feel this close to someone so quickly in life, but you proved that to me. I will miss our movie nights, Mcmenamins nights, our movie quoting, our boy talks, our pillow talks, and everything else about our relationship that made it so real and fun. Thank you for being such a biblical sister to me, I love you more than you know. Wow, this was harder to write than i thought. Shauna... Im really crying right now. and Im not even with you. Oh man when I have to hug you goodbye tomorrow it might not be pretty.

I promise no marriage before you return. I can't have a wedding without one of my bridesmaids. I love you with all my heart, and I thank God for the friend I have made that will be with me for a lifetime. You are so special to me, and no one will be able to replace my Shauna Pants. So this one's for you my best friend, I miss you already so much, but I can't wait to hear how you are winning over lives for the sake of Christ. You are a blessing. I love you my Shauna Pants.

Love and Lots of Tissues

Is It Ok If...?

Do you ever wonder about the things that make people who they are? The little quirks they have. Maybe certain rituals they do that make them unique. Well I think about it. I know I do some weird things, and I'm here to say is it ok if...
I drink coffee every single morning that slowly my teeth turn more and more yellow. I still sleep with my baby blanket for some weird sense of security. I don't workout every single day, but I complain to myself about my body constantly. I bite my nails. I never put on less than 3 spritz of perfume before walking out of the house. I am really good at starting big ideas, but not as great at following through with them. I am slightly anal about a clean house. I am not as good at sports as I once was. I like wearing sweat pants more than anything else in the world. I am not great at taking compliments in any form. I have to talk things out alot when Im nervous or upset. I become very introverted when I feel threatened by other people. I don't know how to sew. I don't really know how to cook yet. I am still learning to time manage effectively. I'm not very crafty. I am very simple minded, and innocent in thought. I want to have 3 children someday. I wish I could have been an older sister. I like really expensive cars. I am in love with the idea of romance, but I don't know how to allow myself to be romanced. I am not the brightest crayon in the box. School stresses me out to no end. Is it ok?

Love and a mind full of questions

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This One's for You Dad

Dads serve such a purpose in people's lives. He is the provider, the protector, the mister fix-it, the driver, the one who puts the Christmas lights up and then takes them down, the mover, the mechanic and many more things. But my dad is the one I go to first to share important news I am excited about. He is the one I practice my guitar with and learn from, he is the man in my life I love to cuddle with and sit next to while we watch television. Early morning talks with our coffee, I am a chip off the ole block.
I was thinking today though about Dads. About those who either have a dad but he is not physically there or caring at all, or those out there who are father-less. For my Young Life girls especially, who are father-less or have absent fathers, I keep thinking "who is protecting them?" Why is it that I was blessed with a dad that loves me no matter what wrongs I commit, and will always be there for me when I get a flat tire, or need to move back home?
The role of Dad should not be taken lightly, and I would argue there is no more important role in this world than being a good parent. So I take joy in knowing that every child, every man, every woman in this world has a heavenly Father who created unconditional love and abides by it yesterday, today and forever. My prayer would be that people could come to know the awesome power of running into the arms of a Father who will never leave you nor forsake you. A Father who will always choose you first. A Father who is watching you when you perform at your first dance recital, score your first goal, or become Homecoming Queen. A Jesus who doesn't turn to drugs and alcohol for relief, but finds rest in his Father. Friends, come to know the awesome power of the Grace of God, and come sit at the footstool of a Dad who is so in love with you. Friends, allow yourself to jump into the arms of your Father who created you.

So dad this one's for you. Thank you for loving me even when you didn't have the best example of a dad growing up yourself. Thank you for never missing a soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball game. Thanks for being the coach of my teams, and encouraging me relentlessly. Thank you for accepting me when I didn't want to play basketball in high school. ;)
Thank you for driving to Corvallis that one time I got a flat tire and was crying on the phone. Thank you for teaching me about the love of Jesus Christ. Thank you for loving my mom and treating her special every day you have been together. Thank you for telling me I'm beautiful and giving me self worth so I don't go looking for it in the wrong places. You may not be perfect, but God blessed me with you when he placed me in your arms 22 years ago. He must love me a lot if you are the one protecting me. I love you Dad.

Love and Deuteronomy 1:29-31

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Being Country Never Felt So Good

Well folks, if I didn't believe it before I most certainly believe it now with all my heart that I want to be a country singer. Could you imagine? The thrill, the adrenaline, the escape of performing on stage in front of thousands of people. Your hair full, teased, curly at all times, a different pair of cowboy boots for each outfit change in your set. The boy off to stage right staring at you like you have some sort of power over him. If only I weren't so affected by my nerves. What a life huh?
Not long ago I had an obsession with the city of San Diego. I'm starting to learn something about myself, and that is how I have not traveled many places in my 22 years. I reckon it's time to venture down south to get a mouthful of what that's like. Way I see it, the second I was to step foot in Nashville I would instantly have a new favorite.
I should start taking my song writing seriously. It might be more simple than I make it out to be. Hey if Taylor Swift can do it, so can I. My southern accent needs a little tweaking, but I bet if I make some friends I will have it down in no time. So that just leaves the part where I sell my little Chevy for a big truck, I get myself a golden retriever, pack up my bags and hit the road. What's stoppin me right? I could get a waitressing job and make some tips on the side to support myself til the big bucks come in from my music. If I'm ever to do it, it has to be now. It has to. Carpe Diem!
I'm independent enough. Might be nice to get away from relationships for awhile. I suppose if I waited long enough, my country gentlemen would come around. My permanent dancing partner. For now being country strong on my own sounds pretty darn good. Blessing or a curse being independent in nature? Yeah, I'm still deciding too. Well this cowgirl is going to see the sunrise soon if I don't get some shut eye. All for now.
Love and Pipe Dreams