Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This One's for You Dad

Dads serve such a purpose in people's lives. He is the provider, the protector, the mister fix-it, the driver, the one who puts the Christmas lights up and then takes them down, the mover, the mechanic and many more things. But my dad is the one I go to first to share important news I am excited about. He is the one I practice my guitar with and learn from, he is the man in my life I love to cuddle with and sit next to while we watch television. Early morning talks with our coffee, I am a chip off the ole block.
I was thinking today though about Dads. About those who either have a dad but he is not physically there or caring at all, or those out there who are father-less. For my Young Life girls especially, who are father-less or have absent fathers, I keep thinking "who is protecting them?" Why is it that I was blessed with a dad that loves me no matter what wrongs I commit, and will always be there for me when I get a flat tire, or need to move back home?
The role of Dad should not be taken lightly, and I would argue there is no more important role in this world than being a good parent. So I take joy in knowing that every child, every man, every woman in this world has a heavenly Father who created unconditional love and abides by it yesterday, today and forever. My prayer would be that people could come to know the awesome power of running into the arms of a Father who will never leave you nor forsake you. A Father who will always choose you first. A Father who is watching you when you perform at your first dance recital, score your first goal, or become Homecoming Queen. A Jesus who doesn't turn to drugs and alcohol for relief, but finds rest in his Father. Friends, come to know the awesome power of the Grace of God, and come sit at the footstool of a Dad who is so in love with you. Friends, allow yourself to jump into the arms of your Father who created you.

So dad this one's for you. Thank you for loving me even when you didn't have the best example of a dad growing up yourself. Thank you for never missing a soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball game. Thanks for being the coach of my teams, and encouraging me relentlessly. Thank you for accepting me when I didn't want to play basketball in high school. ;)
Thank you for driving to Corvallis that one time I got a flat tire and was crying on the phone. Thank you for teaching me about the love of Jesus Christ. Thank you for loving my mom and treating her special every day you have been together. Thank you for telling me I'm beautiful and giving me self worth so I don't go looking for it in the wrong places. You may not be perfect, but God blessed me with you when he placed me in your arms 22 years ago. He must love me a lot if you are the one protecting me. I love you Dad.

Love and Deuteronomy 1:29-31