Saturday, February 19, 2011


I get so excited to see him. I love it when he wears his jeans, a white tee and his glasses. He is so handsome to me. Tall, confident, adorable smile. Have you ever dated someone who makes you a little nervous, but you have never felt so comfortable with them at the same time? I know this is a weird thing, but I have noticed it about myself and I feel it's worth mentioning. I always have an appetite when I am around him. Other guys I have dated we would go out for dinner and I would be sick to my stomach on the date, or I would be so incredibly nervous I wouldn't be hungry. So weird, I know. Another thing, I always want to hold his hand. When we are in public it sometimes kills me that we try to be conservative and not be the PDA couple. That's why I like it when it's just me and him, I can hold his hand if and when I want to. He is so thoughtful too. Valentines Day was so enjoyable because he made me feel so special by taking me to the beach for dinner.
What's funny to me though is how different we are. He is so time oriented and responsible. Not to say I am not, but we have different priorities when it comes to school and our social life. I used to think our humor was pretty different, but now I just find myself laughing when I'm around him. He's cute. I kinda like him. I think I'll keep him around for awhile.

I wish he was going to be in Corvallis for spring term. I'm excited for him to go travel for a bit, but he won't even be able to be my date for my brother's wedding. It's okay. It's only 8 weeks right? K well sorry if this is embarrassing babe. But it's all for you.

Love and Crushin'

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