Monday, May 16, 2011

Love and All That Gushy Stuff

Have you ever been in love before? Do you think love has turned out the way you always thought it would, or is it entirely unexpected? The feelings, the thoughts, the looks, the vulnerability of it all. Would you say its beautiful at the same time that it truly scares you? You think about your future and how that person will fit in. Or maybe your future doesn't look like much that you are sure of, but you are certain that person will be with you as you figure that out. Is there just one person out there for you? Or are there multiple people that God would be pleased with you partnering with for the rest of your life?

Great Love vs. Adequate Love. Who is my great love? Where is he? Wherever he is, I pray for him. I thank the Lord for him today. Wherever you are in life, whether I have met you or not, I pray you are seeking Jesus with all your heart, mind, spirit. That is what matters most, the rest (me) will fall into place.

I was in love once. To me it was comfort. To me it was excitement. To me it was the future. I take hope and I take faith in feeling those feelings again with someone else. First dates, the nerves, the outfits, "is there food in my teeth, I hope not," "Is he going to open the car door for me, he better pass the brother inspection, wow he is cute when he smiles, I hope he calls me tomorrow, wow he Loves Jesus a lot." I can't wait for these thoughts again, and these feelings again. I have this to look forward to. For now I wait patiently in my singleness, I focus on my relationship with God my Father, I pour into the relationships in front of me, family, friends, sisters, house church, fellow employees.

Love and All that Gushy Stuff


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Resting Place

Jesus reminded me of something this morning as I layed in bed doing my devotions. What a place of rest He can be. Sometimes I find myself running and running, trying to get the business of my life taken care of. But there will always be errands to run, a job, a house to clean, obligations in my life. My prayer would be that I carefully take the time to recognize that God is bigger than all of it. He is like a comfy chair you can go sit on, or a soft pillow you can lay your head on. I am tired of wishing time away. I am tired of having count downs. It is fun to have things to look forward to, but I am far too guilty of wishing hours, days, weeks, and years away in my life. Lord make me a woman who appreciates the day you have given her, and make it so I can enjoy the moments I have right in front of me. Give me energy to get through every day, and give me the strength to live every day for you, reflecting your image. Forgive me for not having a more thankful heart, for I am truly so blessed. I pray that your joy would be within me, overflowing on my roommates, my YoungLife girls, my family, my friends. You have given me responsibilities, and I pray that I would not take these responsibilities lightly, and that I would do them to the best of my ability. Thank you Jesus, for being my rock, and my foundation that I have chosen to set my feet upon. I know you are never going anywhere and it is in you that I need to daily find my worth and satisfaction, not in the things that this world has to offer. Those things only bring death. Be my first true love Jesus. Thank you for your presence in my life, and the way you care for me. You never give up on me, your grace comes again and again. I love you my Savior my Lord.

Love and Living a Life Pleasing to God


Sunday, May 1, 2011

My "To Do" List

Well the wedding is officially over. My brother is a husband, and he is now in the care of a special woman, Summer. Yesterday was a truly beautiful day. Summer has never looked more gorgeous than she did last night, and my brother was just glowing. I do feel a little like I lost my brother yesterday, but I also know that I gained a sister yesterday. I could not have asked for a better sister. Honestly, Summer is so sweet to me, and she has already made me feel like I am blood with her. I am so happy for my brother and new sister and their life ahead. I look forward to many Sunriver trips with them in the future!
But now that I have weddings on the brain I thought it would be a fun idea to start putting together a sort of wedding binder of ideas for when I get married. It might make it easier when the planning process comes along. Who knows when I will be getting married, but I just thought it would be cute to keep in a folder all of the ideas I liked. Photographers that I liked, floral arrangements, wedding invitations, venues, dancing, dresses, hair-dos, decorations, honeymoon ideas, gifts, parties, makeup, food, cakes, thank yous, all of the details that go into planning. I am excited to plan my wedding with my mom and my sister. It's fun to think about how I now have a sister to be my maid of honor. Summer's sister Stacey feels like a sister to me too. Marriage is so fun, in that families come together. You marry your in-laws my Aunt Liz has always said. I know what she means now.
Aside from my wedding folder, I have so many things I need to get done for PSU before summer classes start on the 20th. I am starting to get really excited about being in Portland though. Once again it's going to be a weird summer for sure, but I think a good one. I am excited to re-decorate my childhood bedroom, and be close to Ben and Summer. It will be an adjustment living with my mom and dad, but I know we will make it work.

-Make Wedding Folder
-Register for Summer Classes
-Get my job back at Nike hopefully, if not find a job as a barista (because that's what I have always wanted to do)
-Make a list of my friends that will be in Portland and concentrate on building those friendships
-Take a sewing class
-Learn Spanish
-Pack up my house in Corvallis and say goodbye

Well it's May 1st, and it is beautiful outside, time to drive back to Corvallis!

Love and grocery lists