Monday, May 16, 2011

Love and All That Gushy Stuff

Have you ever been in love before? Do you think love has turned out the way you always thought it would, or is it entirely unexpected? The feelings, the thoughts, the looks, the vulnerability of it all. Would you say its beautiful at the same time that it truly scares you? You think about your future and how that person will fit in. Or maybe your future doesn't look like much that you are sure of, but you are certain that person will be with you as you figure that out. Is there just one person out there for you? Or are there multiple people that God would be pleased with you partnering with for the rest of your life?

Great Love vs. Adequate Love. Who is my great love? Where is he? Wherever he is, I pray for him. I thank the Lord for him today. Wherever you are in life, whether I have met you or not, I pray you are seeking Jesus with all your heart, mind, spirit. That is what matters most, the rest (me) will fall into place.

I was in love once. To me it was comfort. To me it was excitement. To me it was the future. I take hope and I take faith in feeling those feelings again with someone else. First dates, the nerves, the outfits, "is there food in my teeth, I hope not," "Is he going to open the car door for me, he better pass the brother inspection, wow he is cute when he smiles, I hope he calls me tomorrow, wow he Loves Jesus a lot." I can't wait for these thoughts again, and these feelings again. I have this to look forward to. For now I wait patiently in my singleness, I focus on my relationship with God my Father, I pour into the relationships in front of me, family, friends, sisters, house church, fellow employees.

Love and All that Gushy Stuff


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