Sunday, May 1, 2011

My "To Do" List

Well the wedding is officially over. My brother is a husband, and he is now in the care of a special woman, Summer. Yesterday was a truly beautiful day. Summer has never looked more gorgeous than she did last night, and my brother was just glowing. I do feel a little like I lost my brother yesterday, but I also know that I gained a sister yesterday. I could not have asked for a better sister. Honestly, Summer is so sweet to me, and she has already made me feel like I am blood with her. I am so happy for my brother and new sister and their life ahead. I look forward to many Sunriver trips with them in the future!
But now that I have weddings on the brain I thought it would be a fun idea to start putting together a sort of wedding binder of ideas for when I get married. It might make it easier when the planning process comes along. Who knows when I will be getting married, but I just thought it would be cute to keep in a folder all of the ideas I liked. Photographers that I liked, floral arrangements, wedding invitations, venues, dancing, dresses, hair-dos, decorations, honeymoon ideas, gifts, parties, makeup, food, cakes, thank yous, all of the details that go into planning. I am excited to plan my wedding with my mom and my sister. It's fun to think about how I now have a sister to be my maid of honor. Summer's sister Stacey feels like a sister to me too. Marriage is so fun, in that families come together. You marry your in-laws my Aunt Liz has always said. I know what she means now.
Aside from my wedding folder, I have so many things I need to get done for PSU before summer classes start on the 20th. I am starting to get really excited about being in Portland though. Once again it's going to be a weird summer for sure, but I think a good one. I am excited to re-decorate my childhood bedroom, and be close to Ben and Summer. It will be an adjustment living with my mom and dad, but I know we will make it work.

-Make Wedding Folder
-Register for Summer Classes
-Get my job back at Nike hopefully, if not find a job as a barista (because that's what I have always wanted to do)
-Make a list of my friends that will be in Portland and concentrate on building those friendships
-Take a sewing class
-Learn Spanish
-Pack up my house in Corvallis and say goodbye

Well it's May 1st, and it is beautiful outside, time to drive back to Corvallis!

Love and grocery lists


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