Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Last week I went out to lunch with an old friend. He ended up bringing a friend of his and I brought my roommate. The 4 of us were sitting at Block 15 talking about our upcoming future plans, and what we were doing with school. It came around to my turn to share, and so I spoke about my plans with PSU, and how school is important to me to finish but how I am longing to be a wife and mother over being some great career woman. Well my friend's friend proceeded to tell me how I am perpetuating the awful stereotypes of woman being only good for the bedroom and the kitchen. I tried defending my stance on all of that but quickly gave up because I could see he was the "I have to win" type. My friend and his friend started asking me why it was that I felt I needed to be married right out of college, and how I could just move in with my significant other to sort of test the fields in all areas, and one area in particular that I believe you understand, but I won't put in print. I explained that I did not believe in Sex before marriage, because God wants to protect us from the hurt that is involved with sex. So his friend started going off about the most inappropriate things I had ever heard someone say to me about the importance of testing the field. I asked my friend to make his friend stop talking about it, but neither of them did anything. I felt the tears rushing to my eyes, and I got up and left the table. I honestly felt so harassed, but there was so much more to the situation than that. My heart broke for these 2 young men, that were raised in Christian homes, but have fell into believing the lies of this world. But I also hated how they degraded the image of a mother staying home with her kids while her husband worked and provided for their family. He tried to make me feel bad for desiring the role of a stay at home mother. I don't want to put my babies in day care. God willing that my husband and I can afford me not working, but I want to raise my children, I don't want someone else doing it.
The Lord has truly put it on my heart to be a wife and mother, and it makes me sad that our society tries to diminish those roles when parents so frequently fail their children. Maybe adults need to worry less about their profession, and focus more on their families. I think this boy has it backwards. I desire so desperately for my children to be so in love with Jesus and that has to start with a strong foundation in our home. Proverbs 31:28 "Her children rise up and call her blessed; Her husband also, and he praises her."
These boys tried to make me feel dumb for the choices I am making. But really it just breaks my heart to see the lies that they believe. Prayer. It's the only defense I have against the enemy speaking lies into their lives. Praise the Lord that I know who I am in Him, and he has given me such a beautiful passion for wanting to be the best wife and mother I can be to my ability. He is good.

Love and the Beauty of Forgiveness


P.S I go to a church called Solid Rock. The pastor's wife Diane Comer is a woman I respect and a woman with great wisdom, here is a link to her blog, and her thoughts on being a stay at home mom. Maybe her words are easier to understand than mine

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