Sunday, August 7, 2011

Blog Makeover?

Confession time. There is this side of me that is artsy and creative, hence why I play the guitar and I have this blog. But I think I need help, or reconstructive surgery on how to better express my creativity. I was doing a little blog soul searching this morning, and I came across a couple of the cutest blogs I have seen in awhile. So much creativity expressed through their blogs, that I think I started coveting their blog skills? Is that silly or what? Just figured I would be truthful. I realized just how random all my blog posts are. The title of my blog is "My Life As Katie" so I guess I have a theme in some ways because I'm writing to you from the perspective of what is going on in my life and what it is I am learning or thinking. I just want to find what it is that is my niche. It is certainly not fashion (although I wish) I'm not much of a baker, but I think it could be cute to try something where I am taking photos of my work, or my hobbies so you can see it. I just feel a need to express myself more. Every woman longs to be known right? So my blog is a simple way for me to feel understood and known even though hardly anyone reads my blog. That's ok with me. I just think the creative side to me has yet to be understood by many people. My dad is probably the one person I would say that gets me the most, and it's because I'm just like him. I look forward to the day when I know a man other than my father not only understands my creativity, but loves me for it. So here is to my blog makeover, may I stick to it!

Love and Renovations


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