Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Coffee Mate

Last year at Christmas I received a french press from my mom and dad. It was one of my most treasured gifts I had received that morning. I was so excited to try it out! My roommate has just introduced me to what I would like to call the art of the french press last year, and I apologize to the legalistic souls out there, but I fell in love. I knew it was for me. Every morning without missing a beat, I would wake up throw on my sweat pants, and head for the kitchen. My most favorite moments in my house that I already miss, was when I would make extra coffee and bring a steaming hot cup to one of my roommates to enjoy as they woke up (typically after me because I'm a morning person). One of my best guy friends works in Beaverton so he asked my parents if he could stay at our house for one night so he wouldn't have to commute a long ways in the morning. It was fun having him over. In the morning I woke up around 6:45 and went downstairs to find him sitting at our kitchen table reading his bible and drinking some coffee. I made myself a cup and pulled out my bible as well. We both sat at the table and just read the word of God and drank our coffee. It's funny though, I use "Coffee Mate" (french vanilla) it's a brand of creamer, and I was thinking about how that's what I desire in life, a coffee mate. Someone to sit with in the mornings and sip coffee and read our bibles together. I'm a pretty simple girl, and I know that would make me smile in the morning. However right now, in my life, I am content being "satisfied by the Lord as with the richest of foods, and with singing lips my mouth will praise him." (Psalm 63) My bible study girls and I are memorizing Psalm 63 right now. It has truly been a blessing to start forcing myself to memorize scripture. I want the Lord's wisdom on my lips at all times!

Love and Coffee Dates


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