Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Come to Me

In the mornings when I do my devotions, I will typically open my bible to the Psalms to gain inspiration for praise, and to work on memorization for my bible study. In the midst of my chaotic thinking of all of the things I need to get done in the morning before work, I try to spend some amount of time in worship. Music is the best means in which I have to connect to my Father. My spirit is alive through music. So for the past few weeks I have been listening to this song by Aaron Shust called "Come to Me." It speaks of just the peace the Lord will bring you if you lay your burdens at his feet. We are not meant to walk through this life alone, for HE is with us!! Hallelujah!! which means "a joyous praise in song, to boast in God." What freedom worship brings! In my opinion it is so personal. My soul is crying out, and my emotions are released when I am in worship with my creator. However, I will put this song on loan to you if you would like to spend some time in worship too.

With all that being said I am going to say this: I spoke in an earlier blog about "coveting" other people's blogs. I quickly discovered how silly that was. To me blogs are personal, and show a great deal of people's personalities, so for me to want to have a blog just like someone else makes no sense at all. I started writing this blog about 2 years ago, and it was for a creative outlet. Whether or not people read my blog didn't matter (and still doesn't). So I am here to say that my random ramblings about whatever is on my heart/ mind is simply going to have to do. Perhaps my theme now is random ramblings of Katie Moon. I apologize for the moments of insecurity I had with this, and I promise to stay true to who I am in my blog from here on out! That doesn't mean I won't try to be more artsy, but I just love Jesus too much to not talk about him, and how he connects and meets me in my life on a daily basis. So to the 2 people out there that might read this (hahahahaha) thanks for sticking with me, and note an earlier blog of mine called "Is it Ok If..." and add in "My blog is a bunch of random ramblings that makes me really happy, and is something I am actually proud of?"

Love and Random Ramblings (as always)


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