Saturday, September 24, 2011

30 Days Has September

Tis the season! Well... almost. I must say the transition from summer to fall isn't always easy, but for me this year I welcome fall with open arms. Rain it's ok to come out now! Time for a new chapter, new lessons, new opportunities, new friendships, and a much needed fresh new outlook on my school year ahead. Life ain't always what ya think it outta be, or at least that's what The Band Perry tells me...
As some of you may know, I keep a pretty extensive planner with me at all times. Some would say I'm an organized person. So I made a list. A list of 14 things I am excited about in the school year ahead.
1) I will a college graduate in less than a year's time.
2) I only have class 3 days a week
3) I get to live in Portland where alot of my friends are
4) I have made new relationships with people that live in Portland that I am excited about exploring more.
5) I want to focus on being a great friend, daughter, and sister, and I can practice on the people that live here.
6) Bible study on Tuesdays nights with other women who are stumbling after God at a similar pace that I am.
7) I am continuing to work for Nike, in hopes that it will lead to a job when I graduate.
8) Excited for what the Lord has for me, and is continuing to teach me as I am a single, 22 year old woman, finishing school, and trying to do His will, not my own.
9) Learning to budget money, save money, and really start acting like a grown up (which isn't easy when you live at home with your parents again)
10) Continuing to pursue music, playing my guitar, and possibly having my Grandpa teach me Spanish.
11) Training/ running in my very first 1/2 marathon!
12) Working on my fashion. Affordable, but grown up.
13) I get to be apart of a church (Solid Rock) where God is doing big things!
14)Continuing to learn what it means to be selfless.

So here is to working towards being a woman who lives her life for others, but also gets her own ish taken care of. Happy Fall y'all!

Love and falling leaves,


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