Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I'm home! And I don't mean Beaverton. Corvallis, home of the Beavers! Even with how vacant the city is right now with students still absent, this city is home to me. Driving down Hwy 34 into town just brings a flood of memories. So good to be back in my city. This city is the one I will tell my children all about. I still remember my parents showing me one of their old houses back when they were single living in Salem. They were so excited to show us their old digs. I just know I will be equally excited to show them the 447 house. I might even be bold enough to ask whoever the renters will be at the time if we could have a quick tour. Haha. Too far? When I drove into town yesterday I didn't have the guts to drive by my old house. I don't know what it is. I'm happy that the new girls moved in, and that I know them. They are going to make that house look so adorable I bet. It's not my home anymore. It's theirs. I can visit, certainly, but... it's not my house.

Still I just know my children will be the ones dressed in Beaver gear straight out of the womb, bleeding orange and black just like their mommy. I will take them to football games down here, and they will have it instilled in them, that the ducks are bad, and Corvallis is where they should probably go to school (unless they choose a bible college of some sort, in which they better be getting a scholarship to go there, ya heard?) All of that to be said though, it just does feel so good to be back here. I am staying in South Town with one of my old roommates right now and it just feels so good to wake up to a quiet house with 1) french press of course (standard) 2) a beautiful backyard, the perfect scenery to inspire a blog post and 3) a whole day off from work with endless possibilities! Ok Jesus here we go today, lets live for you, and lets live in pure JOY! Nothing is getting me down today, nothing is stopping me from living life to the fullest! Now it's time for a 5 mile run, and then I think my roommate and I might have a photo shoot out by a barn that I see in the backyard of this house.

Love and Possibilities


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