Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Finding Joy in the Small Things

To me Joy and sincere Happiness are usually found in the small things in life. There are days when big big things make me happy like my best friend getting engaged this past weekend, or when my brother got married, or when I got a puppy when I was 7. But really joy and happiness are found in small ways like when an old friend calls and you can catch up, or when I read a really great Blog post and feel inspired. I thought for encouragement purposes I would make a list of some small things that bring me Happiness:

1) Free time when I get to play my guitar or dance around in my bathroom
2) Drinking coffee in the morning after a really good run
3) A new pair of shoes
4) Talking with a customer at work and making them laugh
5) Talking in silly accents with my friends
6) A great 2-step with my bes fren Evan
7) Church on a Sunday morning
8) Worshiping Jesus as I'm driving in my car
9) A great hair day
10) Baking something that actually tastes good
11) Holding babies- Someday I will have one of my own- God willing.
12) A good grade on a paper
13) A great book that I just can't put down

These were just a couple things I came up with off the top of my head. I'm sure there are tons and tons more.

What little joys do you have?

Love and Looking for the Sunshine


Monday, October 24, 2011


So remember how I told you that I love the fall? Well there is maybe something you should know about me... I LOVE Halloween. But it's not because of what you are thinking. I don't enjoy dressing up in costumes very much, it's more that I love the whole month of spook-tacular events in October. I love scary movies, love them. I will try and make people watch them with me no matter what time of the day, and no matter what month we are in. I tried explaining to my friend that I like the idea of being spooked because it's a bit of an adrenaline rush. One that I have control over. I don't have control of a situation if I jump out of a plane... All that being said, my friends and I went to the Haunted Corn Maze at Sauvie's last Friday. It was fun for sure, but it didn't live up to my expectations. I still think it's worth checking out, especially because the scary men let me take their pictures!
I could just really go for a good solid scary movie, a blanket, some warm cider and a buddy to watch it with. Most of my friends wimp out on me. The classic "Halloween," is on right now with Jamie Lee Curtis. That's the one with Michael Myers, he's a bit of a social outcast. I heard Paranormal Activity 3 is the best one so far, I think I'm going to see it tomorrow on my day off. Sorry if you think I'm creepy now, I promise I'm still normal Katie, it's just fun to be a little scared every once in awhile.

Love and Halloween


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back in the Hood

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That's right, it's that time of year again. My FALLVORITE time of year. With the leaves turning colors, the crisp air, Pumpkin making everything better, it is time for the annual Moon Family Hood River trip! So here's the thing. The Moon's ( my dad, my mama, my brother, myself and my brother's new wife Summer) set out for Hood River this past Saturday. Not alot of sunshine, but no rain, Praise the Lord! The morning begins with coffee (standard) and continues with an hour long car ride where we chit chat and listen to the best of James Taylor, where we usually end up harmonizing like my sister in law said, "we are the VonTrap family." This trip has somehow turned into this annual harvest adventure that we all look forward to every year even though it's our own silly tradition. I suppose every family has em' so this is ours. The only way you are allowed to come is if you are by blood a Moon, or you are dating a Moon, or are of course married to one which Summer now is. This meant... Katie flew solo. Ordinarily I wouldn't care, but this year I think my dad and I came to a strong conclusion... we cannot beat Ben in the family football game unless there is another male thrown into the mix. No pressure right?! WRONG! Next year it's possible I may not be allowed to come unless I hold up my end of the bargain. We shall see I guess. Haha! With all that being said, it is fair to state that my brother who played on and off with my mom and his wife, outplayed me and my dad pretty much single handedly. He is a true athlete, I have to hand it to him. It really was a wonderful day of much needed family time, and when we got home that night we celebrated my Dad's birthday too. It was a Hood River trip to remember! Can't wait for when my brother and sister in law start having little babies that we can take with us. I am going to make the best Aunt everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Love and Family


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who Am I?

Who I Am...

I am... a 22 year old soon to be college grad living in Portland who loves Jesus with all her heart!
I want... a family of my own someday, with a house to care for and a golden retriever named Bubba Gump.
I many blessings in my life starting with family and friends, and my health.
I point other people in my life to Jesus
I hate... when I get self-obsessed, and I pick on myself.
I fear... "The Lord is my light, and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life, of whom shall I be afraid?" -Psalm 27:1
I hear... my own voice over the Lord's, when I should be better at listening to Him. But I also constantly hear country music... Love me some Carrie!
I search...for Love.
I wonder...what my life will look like 5 years down the road.
I regret...not alot of things, for I know the Lord can use my testimony.
I family, my friends, blogging, coffee, coffee dates, gaining knowledge, my church, feeling pretty, running, new clothes, my puppy, the fall, rain on a Sunday when I have to study, cuddling up watching movies, road trips, line dancing (I could go on, but I will stop here).
I ache...when I find people that are unaware of what Jesus has done for them, and can do for them in their life, and the life He has for them.
I always...try to be positive and love the people in my life as Christ would (but can I just say that is NOT always easy!)
I usually...wake up early, run, have Jesus time with my coffee and then head out for my day.
I am not...perfect, a size 0, a mathematician.
I dance...on Thursday nights at Bushwhackers- I love 2-steppin' in my cowgirl boots!
I sing...ALL THE TIME- I blame my parents.
I never...go anywhere without my planner.
I impressions of people, or pretend I am on a talk-show in front of the mirror in my bathroom... by myself. Weird? yeah okay maybe a little.
I cry...everytime I watch Steel Magnolias (Refer to the clip I posted a few posts ago and you will too!)
I am not always...The most logical thinker, but that's why God created Man and Woman to join together right?
I lose...alot of things, just to find them 2 minutes after I have declared out loud to everyone in the house at the time that my item is missing. (Ask Adriana Jasso for proof)
I am confused... when I read the Old Testament, I try to do algebra, and when my dad won't let Reggie inside when it's raining.
I get an apartment with my friends ASAP, but I am so blessed by my parents letting me stay with them for the time being.
I should... Remember everyday than I am a reflection of a living but invisible God, and that people look to me to see how I handle things knowing that I have confessed Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

Who Are You?!?!
(This post was inspired by "Running on Happiness"- Cutest Blog by a girl named Katie :)

Love and Self Exploration


Thursday, October 6, 2011

A New Love

7:00 am, I roll out of bed. I put on my tights, my jacket, my Nikes, and I hit the pavement. Anywhere from 3 miles, to working up to 13 miles and then I'm home again. That's all it takes. 30 minutes to an hour, stretching out my leg muscles, pushing myself beyond what I thought I was capable of. Running.
Sometimes I realize I have a very love/hate relationship with running. There are days when it is the last thing I want to do, but mostly I just have to get going and then I don't regret my decision to get out of bed and just run. I have about 50 days left to train before my half marathon in Seattle at the end of November. It's so exciting to have a goal to work towards. It makes running so much more purposeful, not to mention that my clothes have started seeming a bit larger on me than I am used to. Oh the perks! I run, then I have coffee, its like my treat that I work towards. I highly recommend running. It is freeing yes. It is invigorating yes. But more than that, it just makes you feel so healthy and good about yourself.
Lately I have been running with a guy friend of mine. It's been great because he naturally runs at a faster pace, being that he's a guy with longer and stronger legs than I have. Running with a partner makes it so you can share the burden of the run, and it keeps you accountable to waking up and just doing it. It also makes the run go by faster when you can carry a conversation. My church leader John Mark calls it house church. A new way to view running with someone, rather than just putting my head phones in and being hyper individualistic which I am very guilty of at times.
This running thing, might have to be a new lifestyle choice for me. After the Seattle 1/2 marathon, who knows where I will go from there. Start training for a full maybe? Or do another 1/2 before I do Hood to Coast next summer? I'm not sure. I just know me and running will hopefully be dating for awhile. I have a little bit of a crush.

Love and endorphins,


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Country Night Out on the Town

Evan won tickets to the Chris Cagle recording in the Bing Lounge last night! So we went. We even got to meet him, and take a picture with him! So Evan and I walk up to take our picture with him, and he looks at us and says, " First date, second date?" At the same time Evan and I reply, "We're best friends." Chris says back to us in his slightly twangy country man voice, "That's usually how it starts." We laugh and shake our heads simultaneously.

Love and Best Friends