Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Finding Joy in the Small Things

To me Joy and sincere Happiness are usually found in the small things in life. There are days when big big things make me happy like my best friend getting engaged this past weekend, or when my brother got married, or when I got a puppy when I was 7. But really joy and happiness are found in small ways like when an old friend calls and you can catch up, or when I read a really great Blog post and feel inspired. I thought for encouragement purposes I would make a list of some small things that bring me Happiness:

1) Free time when I get to play my guitar or dance around in my bathroom
2) Drinking coffee in the morning after a really good run
3) A new pair of shoes
4) Talking with a customer at work and making them laugh
5) Talking in silly accents with my friends
6) A great 2-step with my bes fren Evan
7) Church on a Sunday morning
8) Worshiping Jesus as I'm driving in my car
9) A great hair day
10) Baking something that actually tastes good
11) Holding babies- Someday I will have one of my own- God willing.
12) A good grade on a paper
13) A great book that I just can't put down

These were just a couple things I came up with off the top of my head. I'm sure there are tons and tons more.

What little joys do you have?

Love and Looking for the Sunshine


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