Monday, October 24, 2011


So remember how I told you that I love the fall? Well there is maybe something you should know about me... I LOVE Halloween. But it's not because of what you are thinking. I don't enjoy dressing up in costumes very much, it's more that I love the whole month of spook-tacular events in October. I love scary movies, love them. I will try and make people watch them with me no matter what time of the day, and no matter what month we are in. I tried explaining to my friend that I like the idea of being spooked because it's a bit of an adrenaline rush. One that I have control over. I don't have control of a situation if I jump out of a plane... All that being said, my friends and I went to the Haunted Corn Maze at Sauvie's last Friday. It was fun for sure, but it didn't live up to my expectations. I still think it's worth checking out, especially because the scary men let me take their pictures!
I could just really go for a good solid scary movie, a blanket, some warm cider and a buddy to watch it with. Most of my friends wimp out on me. The classic "Halloween," is on right now with Jamie Lee Curtis. That's the one with Michael Myers, he's a bit of a social outcast. I heard Paranormal Activity 3 is the best one so far, I think I'm going to see it tomorrow on my day off. Sorry if you think I'm creepy now, I promise I'm still normal Katie, it's just fun to be a little scared every once in awhile.

Love and Halloween


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