Wednesday, November 16, 2011

God is in Control

Let me start by giving you a little piece of my sob story that happened today and then show you how God took my horrible day and made it all better.

So on a normal day I wake up at 6:45 to go running. Waking up early is nothing new. Well this morning I had a paper I needed to work on before class so I had to skip running to work on that instead. I worked on my paper for a little while, then went downstairs to make coffee when I quickly realized I needed to register for my Winter Term Classes! I ran upstairs to register only to find I had "holds" on my account keeping me from registering... wah wah wah. So immediately I of course (knowing myself all too well) go into freak out mode. I call the admissions office, the lady tells me what my holds are about, I hang up the phone, steam coming out my ears. Next step in my mind... call dad. He usually makes things better so why not call him? For a brief second I thought, "no Katie you should probably calm yourself before you call him," but my impatience won out on that shoulder angel scenario quickly. So I attempt to explain my issues to my dad over the phone when all of a sudden I am just crying. Full on crying on the phone to my dad, who the poor thing just doesn't know what to do when that happens. Can I just tell you, that poor man has witnessed my tears more in this 6 months I have been at home, then probably ever in my life, even when I was tiny and would scrape my knees all up. He deserves a free pass of not witnessing tears until at least my wedding day. Good Heavens. Back to the story: I am crying on the phone, telling my dad I am this close ---><--- to quitting school! Just at House Church last night I wrote as my prayer request that I am so easily discouraged by school, so this to me was just the icing on the cake! After I did a bunch of phone calls, I got my holds taken care of, even though I am still waiting to be allowed to register. So then I get to school this morning. I got a D + on my pysch test. I was 1 point away from a C-. But even so I thought I did really well on this test, but apparently not. From there I went to the library where I proceeded to nearly dump my lap top in the potty. It missed the water and just fell right to the ground. I then started crying again, in the bathroom stall. Why am I such an emotional girly girl today?? When did tears become an active participant in my life? They used to be strangers to me. Is God softening my heart, or am I just too sensitive?
Anyways.. I was having myself quite the "woe-is-me" day until God reminded me I better get my act together and just take everything one step at a time. At least I have parents, siblings, friends supporting me! Also in the midst of my saddness I received a nice text from my bes fren Evan asking me how my long day was going. I swear that boy always knows when I am having a rough time. Thank you Lord for Dad's like mine, and friends like Evan. I am one blessed girl.
God thank you for being in control of my life especially when I am not! I cannot run my household someday on emotions alone. That won't get my family anywhere. Thank goodness he made men logical, because Lord knows that is not my strong point!

Love and Long Blog Posts (Sorry)


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