Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Projects

These lanterns seem easy enough to make, so this will be one of my projects

This Centerpiece will be one of my projects too, for our big Meal on Christmas Day

Christmas Break is nearly here friends!! I wrote my last paper of the term today. I have a presentation tonight, and 4 finals, and then time for My projects. These are exciting projects though! Lets take a look at my list shall we??

1) Focus on those who need help/ support this Christmas
2) Read "Breaking Dawn."
3) See "Breaking Dawn."- Looking for a viewing buddy, let me know if you have any interest. You can even let me know in private if you happen to be a closet Twilight fan, I know you people exist.
4) Read "The Help."
5) Watch "The Help."
6) Learn a New Line Dance
7) Visit my Family in Bend for a few days of relaxation in the mountains. Talk about romantic.
8) Focus on my blogging! Thanks to my friend Sarah (see her beautiful blog here) I have a much larger understanding on how this whole blog world works!
9) Serve my community at work, and in my neigh-ba-hood.
10) GIVE PRESENTS! I loooooove giving presents.
11) Spend time with my family and friends.
12) Continue my obsessive running patterns, but increase distance.
13) Work on my closet
14) Try realllllly hard not to turn 23, but I think that one might be unavoidable. Poop.
15) Come up with a great New Year's Resolution- like... Run a full Marathon this year!

This is a lengthy list. I am aware. But the possibilities are endless, because it's a magical time! Let us always remember during this magical time, that Jesus was born in this season. What a magical gift He was. Thank you Lord for the blessings in my life, they are endless. Let us remember those less fortunate, and help however we can!

Love and Christmas Projects



  1. Love it Darlin! Love you more! Keep it up and have fun with those projects :)

  2. I love your list Kate! Hope to see you sometime this season! Would love to help you with those lanterns--they are beautiful!! Love you!