Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Weekend of Leopard

This weekend marked a much needed Beach Getaway with my sisters. We had been scheming about this weekend for awhile now and I am so glad we finally made it work! Stacey's beach house is in Depot Bay, so you know what that means! Lincoln City Outlets! We did have a little shopping trip that was so fun, but I had one thing on my mind the whole time: I needed to find something leopard! Between the 3 of us, we were on a mission. In the end, I found a cute leopard belt, and Summer bought me a ridiculously cute leopard blouse from Old Navy. I was so excited! This weekend also marked my first adventure into the world of Antique Thrifting. I was so excited to find a cute red clutch, and a little something for my best friend Katie's Bridal Shower this Friday I am hosting at my house. Her bridal gift is pretty fun, if I do say so myself.

This weekend I got to run along the ocean water, spend some time in the word, and just relax and enjoy my sisters without worrying or stressing about homework/ midterms. Everyone needs to get to the beach every once in awhile and remember the beauty God is capable of. The power He possesses with every rushing wave. I got to stand by the ocean and Praise His name, and to worship my Mighty King. Praise the Lord for no internet at the beach house. haha. Here are some photos from the weekend, Enjoy!

Love and Get-aways


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