Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Burning Fire

One week til Christmas my dear friends, and I am curled up next to the most beautiful fire while my parents wrap Christmas presents, and I listen to Reggie snoring inbetween the crackling of the fire. For those of you who understand the beauty of a "Christmas Break," and to those who no longer have Christmas break, well this one's for you.
Christmas Break is so nice and relaxing. I'm not working that much so a lot of this break has been spent with some good R&R. Watching some favorite Christmas movies, hanging with my mama, reading, lots of time on pinterest, and spending time with friends. I love Christmas shopping and I am getting so excited for the actual day, but so much of the excitement of Christmas is wrapped around the build up. In Church this morning Evan Wickham sang a song off his new Christmas Album. It was a song about Mary. It was such a beautiful song that I started tearing up, (what's new?). The song just reflected on the strength of Mary, and her relationship with the Savior of the World, and how he was Sent to rescue all of us. What would it look like if we all started acting more like Saved Children of this world? If we didn't take our salvation for granted, and woke every morning with an incredible feeling of thankfulness for he rescued all of us sinners. Thank you Lord for coming to this world to set us free, and save us from our own filth and problems. Thank you for family, friendships, love, may we keep those we love the most close to us this Christmas, and bless those around us who need help this Season!

Happy Christmas,


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