Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Get-Away

With 3 finals down and 1 to go, I told myself it was okay to watch a Christmas movie for a short break before hitting the books again. I decided upon "The Holiday." I do love it, and all of a sudden I wind up wanting to talk like a true Brit. Sometimes at work I will pretend with customers that I have an accent, almost always a British one. I probably shouldn't do that but whatever, I'm a goof, its what I do. Also from watching this movie I got a bad case of wanting to get the heck outa here. The whole movie is about going on Holiday far away from your home to escape your loneliness at Christmas time. I don't feel I have a bad case of the "lonelies," but I would like to get away for a bit. With the stress of finals nearly over, and with the small amount of hours I am receiving at work now, it would be nice to escape for a few. Go snowboarding, read a book, relax and soak up the beauty of winter. Above is my pretend get-away cabin, come escape with me!

Love and Holiday


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  1. katie moon i love you and miss you and for one day.. one day only i should be able to get to p town in a couple weeks to see your face and i've already made sure it's a thursday because i have dance withdrawls and i need to teach you new ones. also i love you, have i said that already? oh yea well... i do. but i hope you aren't doing anything on the 22 (i already checked they are learning "such a night" intermediate line dance that night) but it's just this night and then i'll turn around and drive north so be ready cause i missssss youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!