Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Soon to be Mrs. Campbell

Take a journey down memory lane with me won't you?
It is the 6th grade. Rumors were spreading that there was a new girl moving into my neighborhood. She was my age, and she was from California. My best friend Lindsey lived up the street from me, so I wasn't particularly in the market for a new friend. I had heard from another friend that this girl was pretty cool, but I wasn't sold until I met her.
I remember I was shooting hoops outside on my driveway and this girl came up to me. She introduced herself as Katie. Two Katie's in one neighborhood, I wasn't so sure. However... this girl was special. Not only did she play soccer, and basketball (two of my favorite sports), she also was a singer, dancer and she knew how to handle a Razor Scooter like you've never seen any other 12 year old handle one. I was sold. All it took was one afternoon. Quickly Lindsey, Katie and myself were inseparable.
Throughout middle school Katie became lovelier by the day. I think that is how I would best describe her anyways. She is just lovely. She radiates beauty in the simplest of ways. Always elegant. Into high school Katie was an even more lovely version of her younger self. Always kind to others, and always put others before herself. Her senior year of high school she met a boy named Tim.
Katie and Tim started dating that year, and all the way through college. Tim at the University of Washington, and Katie at Oregon State University close to me. Katie and I stayed close through our 4 years in Corvallis, even through when she went to France to study abroad. Tim and Katie's love only grew, until this past June when they were engaged to be married!
Katie and Tim have not lived the typical relationship of two people in love, about to me married for Tim was diagnosed with Bone cancer in August. As Katie stuck by Tim's side, they decided an early wedding would be best. I am proud to say that this coming Saturday, December the Tenth, my lovely and dear neighbor from down the street will be a married woman. I am also honored to be standing up in her wedding as a Bridesmaid. Tim and Katie's love story is inspiring in the ways they have trusted and continue to trust in the Lord. They know that whatever they have before them, they will handle it together as Mr. and Mrs. Campbell.

Katie: I am in love with your spirit, your honesty, your friendship, your courage and spontaneity in life. I am so proud of who you are, the woman you have let God mold you to be, and the wife you are about to be. Never forget to keep the Lord in the center of all that you do, and respect Tim with all you have. I have no doubts for your marriage, and I know the Lord will bless this marriage. Thank you for your friendship as a single woman, I can't wait to see what the Lord teaches you through marriage.

All my Love,

-Kaddie Sue

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