Monday, January 30, 2012

...Honey I'm Tougher Than the Rest

This weekend was such a nice relaxing/ long weekend. I worked 8 hours, got some homework done, went out to breakfast with my cousin and Grandpa, went to church with my whole family downtown, and got to spend all of Saturday evening with my best friend Adriana. After work I picked her up and we went to Stanford's restaurant for Happy Hour, and then went to our fave spot Bushwhackers to work out our  line dancing twitch.
It's always fun to hear about the latest news on what she's planned for her upcoming wedding, and it gets me even more excited that I get to be her Maid of Honor. I tell her about all my single life drama (haha, it's not really drama I just like to make fun of myself) and we just get to laugh with one another.
At Bushwhackers they ended up playing this song that in Albany at the Elks Club we would dance what is called the "Sweetheart Stroll." The song lyrics are... "And if you're lookin' for love, Honey I'm tougher than the rest." It got me to think about what kind of a wife I will be one day. I think I will be strong. I want to be a woman like my mom. She handles things with a level head, takes a deep breath and works through it. She is a strong partner for my dad, and I admire her strength. A relationship that is worldly is all about how you can make one another happy. But what if we were more concerned about finding a partner that you can be Holy with? Don't get me wrong, I want that spark and that love and attraction too, but I pray that the man I partner with makes me even more holy because we are together and we are a team.
Further, I just want the man that pursues me to find beauty in my strength, because Honey I'm tougher than the rest.

Love and Strength


Friday, January 27, 2012

This One's for You... My Precious Niece/ Nephew To-Be

Ohhhhh I have not even met you yet, and can I just tell you I am already head over heels for you little one?! What a joy you are, what a delight you are going to be to my brother and to my sister-in-law. I pray you come to understand the blessing you are, and the love your parents have for you. I pray for you now at 4 weeks in the womb, don't you give up growing! You've got to get big and strong and beautiful, and you have about 8 more more months to do it! I know you can do it!

And... Hi I'm Katie. Your Auntie Kate you will probably call me. We can come up with some cute nick-names for each other,(we can talk about that later though). We are going to be the best of friends. You will be able to count on me my precious one. I promise to hold you, rock you and give you lots of kisses when you are a baby. I promise to clothe you in awesome Nike stuff. I promise to read you the bible so you grow up with the Word of our Living God written on your heart, and that it will be upon your lips as you learn your first words. I promise that you have the Best Daddy in the WHOLE WORLD, and the world's most loving and Sweet Mama. Your Dad is going to be Great, because we both grew up with an excellent Dad ourselves... Your Grandpa Moon. You will like Grandma and Grandpa Moon by the way, they will spoil you. I promise to teach you to dance, and I promise that as you grow up, and you debate telling your mom and dad things, you can always tell Auntie Kate. I am the "cool aunt." I know I will be.. cuz I am... cool that is. There will be times when you doubt that, but then I will do something so awesome and you will be reminded of my... coolness. I promise that you will be taken care of, and that you have so much to look forward to outside that womb of a home you have right now!

So this one is for you my little niece/ nephew Moon. Baby Moon. You are beautiful already, and you were fearfully and wonderfully made by your Father in Heaven who loved you soooo much, he decided to place you in the loving care of my big Brother Ben and your beautiful and caring Mother Summer. They are wonderful, but they aren't perfect, please have Patience and Grace for them, they are trying their best! I can't wait to meet you Baby, Thank you for expanding my heart!

I Love You With All My Heart Already,

-Auntie Kate

Friday, January 20, 2012

"To Run in the Rain"- A Tale by an Oregon Runner

 Running in the rain is not everyone's favorite pass time. I can understand that. There are mornings that I wake up and I choose the treadmill over the outdoors. But sometimes running in the rain for me, is so therapeutic. Living in Oregon makes it hard to avoid running in the rain, so I have tried to make the best of it on the days where I would rather stay curled up in my warm bed.  Here are some of my personal tips that have helped me to Fight the Weather as I run, and maybe they can help you!
*The Gear*
As some of you may know, I work for Nike, so of course all of my running gear is Nike, but they really do make great product. So my first recommendation is a good running hat, as seen here:

Next you need a good running Jacket. Water resistant jackets keeps the rain off longer than anything cotton you might wear, and water repellent is eeeeeeven better! 

And for the bottom half, I have dri-fit long pants, and on my feet are some sweet Nike Frees!

I still ended up looking like this at the end of my run, but for the first 2.5 miles, I stayed pretty dry considering the torrential down pour that was actually going on outside. 
 Light Grey to Dark Grey. 

Anyways... I hope this is helpful! Your gear also does not have to be Nike of course. I just prefer it, and I am super bias. Ha! Happy Running my friends! More running tips to come, so stay posted!

Love and Outrunning the Weather!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just Thinkin'

Sorry it has been a while since my last post!! Ahhhh the guilt! Once school started back up last week, suddenly my time and my inspiration went out the window. I haven't forgotten about you, I just simply needed a little "focus" time. Anyways I was reading my friend Molly's blog, (which you can find here, its great!) and she always does this cute "fortunate vs. unfortunate post" about her week. I thought to get my creative thoughts flowing I would share that with you. So here it goes:
-School is back in full force- with homework as my numba one priority.
-Less time for friends, and I have no will power to initiate hang outs after school and work
- I have to take Reggie to the vet for surgery AGAIN this Friday because the vet doesn't know what's wrong with my baby boy
-Pairing with that, I think I have to start preparing myself for a goodbye with Reggie (this will not be easy)
-I am starting to re-think my running a full marathon idea, which makes me really sad. I am just not sure how it's possible to get 3 hours of running done in a day, when I already struggle to see where the time goes in my manic week.
-I have to find a new house church because I have class on Tuesday nights, when my old house church would normally meet. 
-I haven't been able to keep up with my blog, which irritates me that I don't have more time for it.

-I have been going to church every Sunday morning with my cousin, and then out to Breakfast with our Grandpa after, and it is something I look forward to every week. 
-I bought a new pair of running shoes today at work, that I'm really excited about!
-I found out yesterday that my (practically) little sister Natalie is pregnant and due in September! Auntie Katie here I come!
-The Lord let me buy food for a man who really needed it on campus the other day, and it really ended up blessing me more I think.

I realize that this week I have more unfortunates than fortunates, which I promise will not always be true of my weeks. I think it's just been an adjustment being back in school after a month off and I really am aware of how truly blessed I am. Thank you Lord for my family, friends, for school, for my warm house, my car, and for my health. I am one fortunate young woman. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Dance: How I Love You

Have I ever mentioned my love for dancing? All kinds of dancing. Fitness dancing like Zumba, slow dancing with that special someone, line dancing (of course) and just straight up hip hop in my bathroom or with my old roommates. Ha! I was watching this seriously corny movie called Center Stage 2. Center Stage the original is more like a classic. Center Stage 2 is hip hop meets ballet, and I didn't know how I felt about the movie at first, but then I realized how inspired I felt after the movie. I had so many errands to run yesterday, and I found myself just wanting to postpone them all so I could work on my ballet hip hop moves in front of the mirror. This is like a throw on some baggy sweat pants, a sports bra, and do pirouettes status. I was loving it. Maybe everyone needs to dance a little more in their life. Feel the rhythm, let loose and smile. And who doesn't love the dance outfits right? Julianne (who could wear a paper bag and still look cute) is wearing purple leg warmers over her Nike Air Max's, with a cropped shirt, and some Lulu Lemon spandex shorts. I want to try, but I should probably do some lunges, and a few crunches before then. It is not a requirement that my future hubbie dances, but man what a plus if he does! Don't worry honey, (whoever you are) I love you just the way you are.... but maybe you could take some classes? ha.

To Dance: Thank you for the freedom you provide, the exercise you insist upon, the frustration you often bring, and the smile you put upon my face. How I love you so

Love and Never Missing a Chance to Dance


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

 The cleansing rain. The rain is so beautiful. Rain makes things grow, provides life, can be dangerous, but can provide so much clarity and can provide a state of restfullness. The rain could be like our Father's provision over us. We don't always understand how God works, just like we don't understand why in Heaven's name it rains SO much in Portland. But we trust our Lord, just like we trust the purpose of rain. Why is Oregon so Beautiful? I would argue that the rain is to blame for a lot of Oregon's beauty. To me a day spent inside reading, journaling, reflecting, praying, listening, resting, is the most well spent when the rain is falling outside. The cleansing of the rain outside, like the cleansing the Lord needs to do in our hearts on a daily basis. I pray that this year, 2012, brings cleansing for many of you out there like the rain cleanses our beautiful Oregon.

Love and Rest