Friday, January 6, 2012

Dance: How I Love You

Have I ever mentioned my love for dancing? All kinds of dancing. Fitness dancing like Zumba, slow dancing with that special someone, line dancing (of course) and just straight up hip hop in my bathroom or with my old roommates. Ha! I was watching this seriously corny movie called Center Stage 2. Center Stage the original is more like a classic. Center Stage 2 is hip hop meets ballet, and I didn't know how I felt about the movie at first, but then I realized how inspired I felt after the movie. I had so many errands to run yesterday, and I found myself just wanting to postpone them all so I could work on my ballet hip hop moves in front of the mirror. This is like a throw on some baggy sweat pants, a sports bra, and do pirouettes status. I was loving it. Maybe everyone needs to dance a little more in their life. Feel the rhythm, let loose and smile. And who doesn't love the dance outfits right? Julianne (who could wear a paper bag and still look cute) is wearing purple leg warmers over her Nike Air Max's, with a cropped shirt, and some Lulu Lemon spandex shorts. I want to try, but I should probably do some lunges, and a few crunches before then. It is not a requirement that my future hubbie dances, but man what a plus if he does! Don't worry honey, (whoever you are) I love you just the way you are.... but maybe you could take some classes? ha.

To Dance: Thank you for the freedom you provide, the exercise you insist upon, the frustration you often bring, and the smile you put upon my face. How I love you so

Love and Never Missing a Chance to Dance



  1. I love Julianne! and dancing too! : )

  2. Hi Katie! Thanks for dropping by my blog, Im glad you love dance too!