Monday, January 30, 2012

...Honey I'm Tougher Than the Rest

This weekend was such a nice relaxing/ long weekend. I worked 8 hours, got some homework done, went out to breakfast with my cousin and Grandpa, went to church with my whole family downtown, and got to spend all of Saturday evening with my best friend Adriana. After work I picked her up and we went to Stanford's restaurant for Happy Hour, and then went to our fave spot Bushwhackers to work out our  line dancing twitch.
It's always fun to hear about the latest news on what she's planned for her upcoming wedding, and it gets me even more excited that I get to be her Maid of Honor. I tell her about all my single life drama (haha, it's not really drama I just like to make fun of myself) and we just get to laugh with one another.
At Bushwhackers they ended up playing this song that in Albany at the Elks Club we would dance what is called the "Sweetheart Stroll." The song lyrics are... "And if you're lookin' for love, Honey I'm tougher than the rest." It got me to think about what kind of a wife I will be one day. I think I will be strong. I want to be a woman like my mom. She handles things with a level head, takes a deep breath and works through it. She is a strong partner for my dad, and I admire her strength. A relationship that is worldly is all about how you can make one another happy. But what if we were more concerned about finding a partner that you can be Holy with? Don't get me wrong, I want that spark and that love and attraction too, but I pray that the man I partner with makes me even more holy because we are together and we are a team.
Further, I just want the man that pursues me to find beauty in my strength, because Honey I'm tougher than the rest.

Love and Strength


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