Friday, January 27, 2012

This One's for You... My Precious Niece/ Nephew To-Be

Ohhhhh I have not even met you yet, and can I just tell you I am already head over heels for you little one?! What a joy you are, what a delight you are going to be to my brother and to my sister-in-law. I pray you come to understand the blessing you are, and the love your parents have for you. I pray for you now at 4 weeks in the womb, don't you give up growing! You've got to get big and strong and beautiful, and you have about 8 more more months to do it! I know you can do it!

And... Hi I'm Katie. Your Auntie Kate you will probably call me. We can come up with some cute nick-names for each other,(we can talk about that later though). We are going to be the best of friends. You will be able to count on me my precious one. I promise to hold you, rock you and give you lots of kisses when you are a baby. I promise to clothe you in awesome Nike stuff. I promise to read you the bible so you grow up with the Word of our Living God written on your heart, and that it will be upon your lips as you learn your first words. I promise that you have the Best Daddy in the WHOLE WORLD, and the world's most loving and Sweet Mama. Your Dad is going to be Great, because we both grew up with an excellent Dad ourselves... Your Grandpa Moon. You will like Grandma and Grandpa Moon by the way, they will spoil you. I promise to teach you to dance, and I promise that as you grow up, and you debate telling your mom and dad things, you can always tell Auntie Kate. I am the "cool aunt." I know I will be.. cuz I am... cool that is. There will be times when you doubt that, but then I will do something so awesome and you will be reminded of my... coolness. I promise that you will be taken care of, and that you have so much to look forward to outside that womb of a home you have right now!

So this one is for you my little niece/ nephew Moon. Baby Moon. You are beautiful already, and you were fearfully and wonderfully made by your Father in Heaven who loved you soooo much, he decided to place you in the loving care of my big Brother Ben and your beautiful and caring Mother Summer. They are wonderful, but they aren't perfect, please have Patience and Grace for them, they are trying their best! I can't wait to meet you Baby, Thank you for expanding my heart!

I Love You With All My Heart Already,

-Auntie Kate

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  1. Katie-this is so sweet...I so love little love letters to little people :) Kind of like vows in some ways. SO excited for you to be an auntie! Oh, and keep on with the fashion stuff-personally I don't think a lot of the outfits I see out there should be mixed as much as they are but that is likely because I worked for Ralph for a bit and that makes me a bit too traditional (aka: boring). I think you have fantastic style so just own it-all of it!!!! Keep pinning!
    xoxo, Anna