Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just a Rainy Snowy Wednesday

The Outfit: My PSU baggy sweatshirt, leggings, and my slippers
I've been watching "The Voice" on demand, but it just might be time to start the ole Homework.
The Plan: I have 3 hours from now until when I need to leave for work. I have a 6 page paper due on Monday, and I am leaving for the weekend, so I need to get 3 pages done, for me to feel better about leaving.
My Thoughts: Loving having the house to myself, laundry is in the washer, and I feel good about getting alot done!
Next Step: Heat up the rest of my french press and go to work!

Hope you are enjoying the rainy snow like I am, makes it a little easier to spend time inside doing homework.

Love and Getting Work Done!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This One's For You Adriana (Posted 2/28/12)

(That's my Sassy Girl, had to put this one in)

Today marks the 200 day count down to my best friend Adriana's Wedding! I couldn't be more excited for her in this next stage of life! Her and Ryan have been through a lot and I have been so blessed by being able to see their relationship grow, and to see the way they care for one another. What an encouragement it has been. From high school sweethearts to long distance sweethearts, to OSU sweethearts they really have grown and developed their relationship. 

(This is the Wedding Chain Count Down of 200 days that I made her #proudmaidofhonor)

 So Adriana, I write this with joy in my heart because I know how happy Ryan makes you, and that makes me happy. Ryan is a good man, and I can't wait to see how the Lord will continue to bless you both through your marriage. I am so stoked to be your Maid of Honor, thank you for letting me be apart of this exciting time! What an amazing Bride you will make. What a beautiful wife you will be for Ryan. You are so attentive, and you are SUCH a good listener. You are kind, and extremely thoughtful. We have 200 days of singleness... (me more than you) but lets make the most of this time while we can  yeah? You in? I think I have a few more Chester stories up my sleeve... or maybe a few more random dances to drop to the theme song of "The Price is Right." We still haven't fully re-enacted every song from "Chicago" yet. Just a few Leap List items I thought I would draw up for us. You are more than welcome to add to the list. P.S you are beautiful, Jesus loves you alot, and I am so thankful to have you as my best friend. 200 days will be here before we know it! 

(You really are my best friend, because you are seen here bonding with Reggie by the fire, true BFF action)

Loving You With All My Heart


Monday, February 27, 2012

Dreaming of My Apartment

Dreaming of Gettin' away. I can't wait for Graduation, so I can get a job that supports me enough to pay rent. Some of my happiest moments are with my roommates in my own home. I loved having people over for dinner, and waking up to have coffee in the morning with my roomies. I miss the deep talks, and the lazy nights when we would all huddle in the family room around our space heaters watching movies. I don't need a fancy place. I need a basic place with a family room to have people over. I am praying for a roommate, and for preparation of moving out, and finding a job to make enough money. I think it's time to feel my independence again, although I have not forgotten the blessing my parents have been to let me stay while I finish school. I just dream of the possibilities, a condo perhaps? There is something so exciting about dreaming of your future home, even if it is temporary.  Hope you are enjoying your sunny Monday my friends! 

Love and Spaces of Your Own


Sunday, February 26, 2012


Cold/ Rainy/ Dreary 
Katie inside under the covers watching a movie with candles lit, half asleep. Homework can wait a couple hours. Time to rest. 

What does your Sabbath look like?

Love and Taking Rest


Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Vs. Crappy

I have done this before on my blog because I got the idea from my friend Molly see her blog here. I think digesting the week is beneficial and helps me process through it. So here it goes, the Happy Moments and the Crappy moments of the week.

1) I got my mid-term back from my PR class, and I got a C on it. I thought I was going to get a high B on it, so that was a big bummer/ that class every week is just a crappy for me. Its a 3 hour night class, and my professor is one of those guys who thinks he is God. News Flash... You aren't God, and if you are God, we are ALL in trouble!
2) I took 3 days off in a row from running because of all this homework that never seems to end.
3) I was going to buy a MacBook Pro on Craigslist, but my parents convinced me it was a bad idea, so my old Dell still remains, when it's not too busy freezing on me every 25 minutes.
4) Still feeling stress when it comes to due dates with school, and alot of work/choosing to stay home to work on school over hanging out with friends
5) Missing alot of things right now: My puppy Reggie, my friends in Corvallis, Corvallis in general, Having roommates, Young Life.

1) Seeing that overall, my hard work with studying and preparing for mid-terms paid off
2) Getting to spend time with some friends I don't get to see all that often
3) The little pieces of sunshine we got
4) Taking the children's ministry training class so I can work with the kiddos/ babies at church
5) Receiving a fake graduation announcement in the mail, for me to buy for my graduation! That's right, PSU started mailing me Graduation stuff!
6) Getting to do my first "Maid-of-Honor" activity with Adriana, as we registered for her and Ryan at Crate and Barell.
7) I went to Cinetopia with my friend Ian, that was such a fun experience!
8) Registered for Spring classes, and it went sooo smoothly! I registered for everything I needed to, and my schedule next term is so great!

I am excited for Winter Term to be over, and to move onto the sunshine and Spring term classes! Happy Weekend everyone!

Love and the Weekly Digest


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh, Heeeeeey Sun!

I woke up this morning with my regular to-do list in front of me...

6:45- Wake up
7:00- Run
8:00-Register for your last Spring term in college
8:15- Shower/ eat breakfast/ get ready for class
9:30- Leave for Class
10-12:00- Class
12-4:00- Work on homework
4:30- 8:30- Work

Hmmmm. However this is what actually happened:

7:45- Woke up
8:00- Registered for Spring Term (Bomb Schedule, I feel like for the first time in my life registering went exactly how I wanted it to!)
8:15- Showered, made breakfast/ watched Smash as I drank my coffee
9:30- Decided not to go to class :/ (don't judge me we just got done with midterms and I did really well!)
10:00- Bible Time/ journal time/ clean/ dance

Best part is... Its SUNNY!! I look outside and it makes me want to put on shorts and a tank. I don't have to be anywhere until 4:30. I think I will do some homework and organize some things in my head/ in my house, play some guitar, and I would run if I hadn't already showered... ha oh well.

Worst part is... The sun really makes me miss Reggie. Give your dogs a hug for me will ya?

Love and I Told you the Sun Was Coming!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Make Me Smile Please

Do you ever have those days where you maybe don't feel like yourself? You are tired, exhausted even, feeling burnt out, or disappointed somehow. But you have certain people in your life that help make you smile even when you don't want to show it. People that make you feel better even though they don't know they are doing it. I do. I am thankful for them. I smile often, I laugh often, but on those days when I feel down I am not good at hiding it. I think deep down inside I am thinking to myself... "Make me smile please." Not just anyone can do it either. But I am thankful for the friends that can.

Love and Small Surprises


Monday, February 20, 2012

Delight Yourself in Him

"Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart." - One of the most quoted verses in the bible from the book of Psalm right? People love to quote it, because to them it means that God will give them what they want. Is this true? I think it certainly is true, but I also think there is much more to it then that.

I have learned to be careful with this verse. Most often for me it turns sour because I get my hopes up about something that doesn't end up working out how I thought. Then I get upset with God, when I KNOW that his plan is the BEST plan. So why do I still get so upset when things don't go "my way" when I know that what He has in store is better?!

But what does it mean to Delight Yourself in the Lord exactly? Understanding that He is the only one I need. Figuring out how to run to him not some of the time, but everytime I am hurt, upset, in need, excited, anxious, nervous... you get the point.

Lord teach me how to better take Delight in you. Help me with patience, and remembering in the moment that what you have planned for me far surpasses the desires of my heart.

Love and Taking Delight


Friday, February 17, 2012

Baby You're a Smash!

There is this new show on NBC called "Smash." I was making coffee yesterday and had a minor maid-of-honor project to work on so I wanted to watch a little tv as I worked. I had seen commercial ads for the show and had been wanting to watch it, mid-terms were officially over and it was time to relax a bit. I put the show on, and instantly I was up off the couch dancing in my living room. The show was SO inspiring! It has always been a dream of sorts of mine to do Broadway. If I was more of a spontaneous type, or more willing to live in New York in a crappy apartment working at a restaurant, I think I would consider pursuing that avenue. But somehow I think that television and movies makes the lifestyle of a struggling actress/ singer seem more glamorous than it really is. You fall down a few times, have a couple bad auditions, and then in the end they work their way to the top and manage to do that by the help of some ridiculously handsome, charming and talented man (who by the way she of course ends up with in the end). Somehow I don't think that's real life. It's fun to dream sometimes though. In my own dream land, I can do the best renditions of Chicago, Wicked, Westside Story, or Guys and Dolls. If only walls could talk right?

Love and Broadway


Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Hope is in You Lord All the Day Long

I meet with you, and my soul sings out
As your words throw doubt far away
I sing to you, and my heart cries
"Holy! Hallelujah, Father, you're near!"

My Hope is in you Lord
All the day long,
I won't be shaken by drought or storm,
A peace that passes understanding is my song
And I sing, my hope is in you Lord

If this song were to come onto my radio in the car, and you happen to be driving by me at that moment... you might be a little freaked out. I have no reserve or control over what happens when this song comes on. It's mine and Jesus' special song I like to think. He plays it in the mornings just for me, to put a smile on my face and to assure me that everything will be okay, if I continue putting my hope in Him and not in things that are passing away. Once again, there is so much beauty in connecting to our Living God through worship. Our very souls were made for Worship. So sing out, don't be afraid to lift your hands! When this song comes on I can't help but lift my arms, and drive with my knee for a little bit. I'm sorry, I know that concerns you, but I assure you I have gotten good at driving with my knee. It's an art really. I pray that on this day and into the weekend my lovely friends, that you will put your Hope in our Father in Heaven. Talk with him, tell him of your worries, tell him the things that you lie awake in bed thinking about. Tell him what you are excited about, ask for guidance. I included the song below, take a listen when you have a second. It really is a beautiful song. 

Love and a Peace that Passes Understanding


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Sun is Coming

Wanna know what one of my favorite things is?? I thought so. Oh it is the turning of the seasons! Especially Winter to Spring. It is such a slow change but when you have lived in this beautiful state for 23 years, you get good at seeing the signs. It starts with the smell in the air. Don't you act like I'm crazy, I know you know what I'm talking about. You see the little green sprouts in the dirt rising up, and you can feel the slight warm breeze on your face. You see the kids outside running around, or you start hearing the sound of baseballs off a metal bat. You even literally start hearing the birds chirping. On campus you see girls trying to get away with wearing dresses or skirts and you just smile to yourself, because you know it isn't that warm out. Just a few of the simplicities I find in life. Spring to me is like new opportunities! New joys, old joys re-opened. Sand Volleyball. Kickball. Bike Rides, Hikes. What simple pleasures do you have?

Love and Spring Buds


Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentines Day my friends! To my friends out there who have a sweetie pie, may you enjoy the fun and the excitement of Love on this day. To my friends who do not have a Valentine, may you find that love and that excitement in your creator God on this day and may that be enough for you. May He fill you with joy everlasting! This day does not have to be one of sadness or bitterness. Just look forward to the day that you will get to celebrate with that special someone, because he or she is out there! But for now... you can at least enjoy my fun pictures I got from Pinterest. They all have the word Love in it, and they remind me of love, so enjoy!

 (Note: I will never have another dog after Reggie, I couldn't do that to him, so this is more past tense)

Last Valentines Day was a special one for me. I will remember that day with fondness and look forward to the future of what is to come! So Happy Hearts Day everyone, may you feel special and loved on this day!



Monday, February 13, 2012

Hair Color

To add highlights?

Or to go darker?


Love and Hair Boredom


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Favorite Things

Babies- This is a great thing, because I will be an Auntie for the first time in October. I love the way they smell, the way they need you, how tiny and rolly-polly they are. I love their giggle, and their wandering eyes. The BEST is when they fall asleep in your arms, because you have become an expert at rocking them to sleep, and you start building your biceps :)
A great outfit
Road Trips
Young Life
Coffee Dates for Daysss
Music- Harmonies, Guitar, Lyrics, Country, Worship, Therapy
Good Grades
Quiet Time With My Jesus
Washing My Car in the Sunshine
Dancing- Line Dancing, Zumba, Choreographing a dance in my bathroom, or in an empty room that you think is empty until someone awkwardly walks in and sees you attempting to leap through the air with your headphones in and then you turn around and have this great "did you just see that" moment.
Helping Girls who need Guidance
Family Time
Game Nights
Movie Dates
Pillow Talk With Best Friends
Figuring out the Meaning to Life with Danielle Wells
Talking in Strange Accents with Adriana
Sunday Breakfasts with my Cousin and Grandpa
Central Oregon- I like feeling like a strong country woman when I'm there, like my second Mama Cathy :)
I love Shopping, and Getting my Nails Done
Wakeboarding- Floating the River, Boating
Having a Tan on my shoulders
Riding in the Middle Seat of a Truck with a Bench- So stinkin' cute when it's with your Honey, and you just hold onto his arm as he Drives.
Reggie- Favorite For Life.

Just wanted to Dwell on some of my favorite things. Ok ok, it was an unnecessary study break. I am having a hard time staying focused! But writing this, just put a smile on my face.... the best part is that this isn't even HALF of my favorite things. I dare you to write a list of your favorite things without smiling! You won't be able to do it, so you might as well just write it, and grin ear to ear while you do.

Love and Favorites


Friday, February 10, 2012

Running Tip #2- Start With the Small Things

 Find out what you are capable of when it comes to running. Run for a mile, and then walk a half mile, run for a mile, walk a half. Eventually you just start pushing yourself a little further and a little further. If you run out a certain amount of miles for example 2.5, that means you are 2.5 miles away from home right? Or your car maybe.  You have to get home or back to your car... so run 2.5 miles back, and you just ran 5 miles! It starts with little goals. You could also try signing up for a half marathon like I did. It is great motivation to run. You wake up in the morning, and instead of just dreading the run, you know you can't skip it, so you might as well make the best of it and get out there. Once your feet hit the pavement, you won't regret your decision! You need to trust yourself, and know that you are capable of anything you put your mind to! Don't give up on  yourself!
Who knew Katie Moon would become a running motivator? Gosh I love you running. I have been cooped up in my room studying for the past 4 days, and I am going a little stir crazy. I haven't even had that much time for running with 4 midterms, and 4 big assignments due. Once this Wednesday is over, running and I will continue our affair on a deeper level. I have only ran twice in the last 5 days... ughhhhh. Very ready for midterms to be over, and for me to say I did very well! Did I mention, that I only have 10 more months until graduation?! Well I do. Look out world!

Love and Get Going!

-Your Personal Trainer Kate

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Green with Envy

Green Pants- You might be a great start to my expressiveness of color and fashion. Spring time, this is going to have to happen because I have developed a bit of an obsession with you and here's why:

(all from Pinterest)

You gettin' the vibe I'm puttin' out there? Would you say you are Green with Envy too?

Love and shopping for green pants

-Love Kate

Monday, February 6, 2012

Your Love is Extravagent

Your Love is Extravagant. Your friendship it is intimate. I feel like moving, to the rhythm of your grace. Your fragrance is intoxicating in our secret place. Jesus your Love is Extravagant.

Extravagant: " Exceeding the Bounds of Reason. Going Beyond what is Deserved and Justifiable."
I Love that definition. That is exactly like the God we serve. He loves us, even though we do not deserve it. With how sinful, and cruel, and selfish we are as humans, His love remains. His love remains the same as it did yesterday when we ignored that homeless man because we didn't want the guilt of not giving him money or some food to help out. His love remains when we got upset and said hurtful things to a loved one. His love remains when we chose ourselves over helping a friend who really needed us. His Love remains the same Yesterday, Today and Forever. Thank you Lord for your love that is undeserved and unjustifiable. Thank you for Worship, and for meeting where I am so I can feel close to you. Music is how I relate with you best, thank you for the beauty of Worship.

Love and Extravagance


Sunday, February 5, 2012

This One's for You Reggie

Reggie Moon
April 1997- February 1, 2012
I have known Reggie since I was 7. He was the cutest puppy at the farm when we got him, the runt of the litter. A lemon and white beagle, who runs away from people when they try to pet him, hold him, talk to him. A dog who snores even when he is awake. A dog who hates the water, is scared of pretty much anything and everything. A dog who would never hurt a fly, would let me hold him and kiss him until my heart was content. A dog who would sit at the bottom of the stairs waiting to greet you. He had the softest big beagle ears, and the roundest tummy. He wasn't perfect, but he was my baby boy, and I loved him. You don't think about the sadness of saying goodbye when you first get a puppy. But I don't know if I could put myself through the pain again. Even if one day I have children and they beg and plead with me. Reggie is the first one I have lost in my life of great significance, and I know he's a dog, but he was my family.The house is so quiet and sad without him, it's hard to be home right now. The day we said goodbye to him, was the most excruciating pain I have experienced. I got to hold him all day long, but handing him to my dad at the vet to have them put him down was the hardest thing I've ever done. I was in the car with my mom just yelling "nooooooooo," the whole time and sobbing. How does one ever move on from the loss of a loved one? This experience gives me empathy for those who lose family and friends. Death is a part of life, but man, do you ever really get over these things? 

 (the day we put him down)

Reggie, I love you and miss you with all my heart. You made our family so complete. Thank you for the memories and for being my buddy for the past 15 years. I'm sorry for suffocating you with hugs and kisses, you were just too cute for your own good. I pray that I will see you in Heaven, because Jesus knows how special you were to me. 

All My Love


Corvallis Therapy

After we put Reggie down on Wednesday, I knew I needed to get away for a short trip for some laughter therapy with good friends. Thursday I had class in the morning, came back to my car to find a $55.00 parking ticket!! AHHHHH... don't they realize you cant give a ticket to a girl who's dog just died? ughhhh. So then I debated leaving for Corvallis until Shauna helped me realize going away would be good for me. We went to dinner with friends that night in Corvallis and then went to Eagles for some good country dancin' which livened my spirits right away. The next morning I got to run along the river, have some good coffee dates, reflect on the Lord's goodness in my life, enjoy a beer with friends, and remember that life isn't over just because my beloved puppy is passed. 

 (Woke up to this little joy on Friday Morning- Thanks Jesus)
 (Jason and Shan at Block 15)
 (Typical candid photo of me and Kel)
(Blue Eyed Girls)

Love and Taking Deep Breaths


The Desire of Fashion

So fashion and I have a Love/Hate relationship. Here are my thoughts:
*"Man, she looks soooo cute in that, I could try that." - I do try it, I take a photo of me in it, I instantly take that outfit off and change. 
*I will be in a store, I try something on that I like, I take it home and suddenly it isn't so cute anymore. 
*I have beautiful friends with fashion blogs, that can pull off the most outlandish clothing that they create and put together- I get jealous and rebel against having a fashion blog because nobody in their right mind would take fashion advice from me.
*I have a Pinterest board that you could if you wanted to follow here, that has beautiful examples of fashion. I then proceed to buy these items or find them in my closet, put them on and I don't look like the photo and I again give up. 
*However, I think fashion is just another great outlet for creativity so I wish I had more confidence in my outfit choices. 
*I vow to not give up on my search for great fashion on my bod, even if it means wearing some things I am a little unsure about. But for now here are my favorite looks for the different Seasons
(Winter, but let's pretend the vest isn't from Hollister)

Fashion I promise not to give up on you! Thanks for your patience with me. 

Love and a Good Re-vamp of my closet!