Friday, February 17, 2012

Baby You're a Smash!

There is this new show on NBC called "Smash." I was making coffee yesterday and had a minor maid-of-honor project to work on so I wanted to watch a little tv as I worked. I had seen commercial ads for the show and had been wanting to watch it, mid-terms were officially over and it was time to relax a bit. I put the show on, and instantly I was up off the couch dancing in my living room. The show was SO inspiring! It has always been a dream of sorts of mine to do Broadway. If I was more of a spontaneous type, or more willing to live in New York in a crappy apartment working at a restaurant, I think I would consider pursuing that avenue. But somehow I think that television and movies makes the lifestyle of a struggling actress/ singer seem more glamorous than it really is. You fall down a few times, have a couple bad auditions, and then in the end they work their way to the top and manage to do that by the help of some ridiculously handsome, charming and talented man (who by the way she of course ends up with in the end). Somehow I don't think that's real life. It's fun to dream sometimes though. In my own dream land, I can do the best renditions of Chicago, Wicked, Westside Story, or Guys and Dolls. If only walls could talk right?

Love and Broadway


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