Sunday, February 5, 2012

Corvallis Therapy

After we put Reggie down on Wednesday, I knew I needed to get away for a short trip for some laughter therapy with good friends. Thursday I had class in the morning, came back to my car to find a $55.00 parking ticket!! AHHHHH... don't they realize you cant give a ticket to a girl who's dog just died? ughhhh. So then I debated leaving for Corvallis until Shauna helped me realize going away would be good for me. We went to dinner with friends that night in Corvallis and then went to Eagles for some good country dancin' which livened my spirits right away. The next morning I got to run along the river, have some good coffee dates, reflect on the Lord's goodness in my life, enjoy a beer with friends, and remember that life isn't over just because my beloved puppy is passed. 

 (Woke up to this little joy on Friday Morning- Thanks Jesus)
 (Jason and Shan at Block 15)
 (Typical candid photo of me and Kel)
(Blue Eyed Girls)

Love and Taking Deep Breaths


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