Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Desire of Fashion

So fashion and I have a Love/Hate relationship. Here are my thoughts:
*"Man, she looks soooo cute in that, I could try that." - I do try it, I take a photo of me in it, I instantly take that outfit off and change. 
*I will be in a store, I try something on that I like, I take it home and suddenly it isn't so cute anymore. 
*I have beautiful friends with fashion blogs, that can pull off the most outlandish clothing that they create and put together- I get jealous and rebel against having a fashion blog because nobody in their right mind would take fashion advice from me.
*I have a Pinterest board that you could if you wanted to follow here, that has beautiful examples of fashion. I then proceed to buy these items or find them in my closet, put them on and I don't look like the photo and I again give up. 
*However, I think fashion is just another great outlet for creativity so I wish I had more confidence in my outfit choices. 
*I vow to not give up on my search for great fashion on my bod, even if it means wearing some things I am a little unsure about. But for now here are my favorite looks for the different Seasons
(Winter, but let's pretend the vest isn't from Hollister)

Fashion I promise not to give up on you! Thanks for your patience with me. 

Love and a Good Re-vamp of my closet!


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