Monday, February 27, 2012

Dreaming of My Apartment

Dreaming of Gettin' away. I can't wait for Graduation, so I can get a job that supports me enough to pay rent. Some of my happiest moments are with my roommates in my own home. I loved having people over for dinner, and waking up to have coffee in the morning with my roomies. I miss the deep talks, and the lazy nights when we would all huddle in the family room around our space heaters watching movies. I don't need a fancy place. I need a basic place with a family room to have people over. I am praying for a roommate, and for preparation of moving out, and finding a job to make enough money. I think it's time to feel my independence again, although I have not forgotten the blessing my parents have been to let me stay while I finish school. I just dream of the possibilities, a condo perhaps? There is something so exciting about dreaming of your future home, even if it is temporary.  Hope you are enjoying your sunny Monday my friends! 

Love and Spaces of Your Own


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