Saturday, February 11, 2012

Favorite Things

Babies- This is a great thing, because I will be an Auntie for the first time in October. I love the way they smell, the way they need you, how tiny and rolly-polly they are. I love their giggle, and their wandering eyes. The BEST is when they fall asleep in your arms, because you have become an expert at rocking them to sleep, and you start building your biceps :)
A great outfit
Road Trips
Young Life
Coffee Dates for Daysss
Music- Harmonies, Guitar, Lyrics, Country, Worship, Therapy
Good Grades
Quiet Time With My Jesus
Washing My Car in the Sunshine
Dancing- Line Dancing, Zumba, Choreographing a dance in my bathroom, or in an empty room that you think is empty until someone awkwardly walks in and sees you attempting to leap through the air with your headphones in and then you turn around and have this great "did you just see that" moment.
Helping Girls who need Guidance
Family Time
Game Nights
Movie Dates
Pillow Talk With Best Friends
Figuring out the Meaning to Life with Danielle Wells
Talking in Strange Accents with Adriana
Sunday Breakfasts with my Cousin and Grandpa
Central Oregon- I like feeling like a strong country woman when I'm there, like my second Mama Cathy :)
I love Shopping, and Getting my Nails Done
Wakeboarding- Floating the River, Boating
Having a Tan on my shoulders
Riding in the Middle Seat of a Truck with a Bench- So stinkin' cute when it's with your Honey, and you just hold onto his arm as he Drives.
Reggie- Favorite For Life.

Just wanted to Dwell on some of my favorite things. Ok ok, it was an unnecessary study break. I am having a hard time staying focused! But writing this, just put a smile on my face.... the best part is that this isn't even HALF of my favorite things. I dare you to write a list of your favorite things without smiling! You won't be able to do it, so you might as well just write it, and grin ear to ear while you do.

Love and Favorites


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