Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Vs. Crappy

I have done this before on my blog because I got the idea from my friend Molly see her blog here. I think digesting the week is beneficial and helps me process through it. So here it goes, the Happy Moments and the Crappy moments of the week.

1) I got my mid-term back from my PR class, and I got a C on it. I thought I was going to get a high B on it, so that was a big bummer/ that class every week is just a crappy for me. Its a 3 hour night class, and my professor is one of those guys who thinks he is God. News Flash... You aren't God, and if you are God, we are ALL in trouble!
2) I took 3 days off in a row from running because of all this homework that never seems to end.
3) I was going to buy a MacBook Pro on Craigslist, but my parents convinced me it was a bad idea, so my old Dell still remains, when it's not too busy freezing on me every 25 minutes.
4) Still feeling stress when it comes to due dates with school, and alot of work/choosing to stay home to work on school over hanging out with friends
5) Missing alot of things right now: My puppy Reggie, my friends in Corvallis, Corvallis in general, Having roommates, Young Life.

1) Seeing that overall, my hard work with studying and preparing for mid-terms paid off
2) Getting to spend time with some friends I don't get to see all that often
3) The little pieces of sunshine we got
4) Taking the children's ministry training class so I can work with the kiddos/ babies at church
5) Receiving a fake graduation announcement in the mail, for me to buy for my graduation! That's right, PSU started mailing me Graduation stuff!
6) Getting to do my first "Maid-of-Honor" activity with Adriana, as we registered for her and Ryan at Crate and Barell.
7) I went to Cinetopia with my friend Ian, that was such a fun experience!
8) Registered for Spring classes, and it went sooo smoothly! I registered for everything I needed to, and my schedule next term is so great!

I am excited for Winter Term to be over, and to move onto the sunshine and Spring term classes! Happy Weekend everyone!

Love and the Weekly Digest


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