Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentines Day my friends! To my friends out there who have a sweetie pie, may you enjoy the fun and the excitement of Love on this day. To my friends who do not have a Valentine, may you find that love and that excitement in your creator God on this day and may that be enough for you. May He fill you with joy everlasting! This day does not have to be one of sadness or bitterness. Just look forward to the day that you will get to celebrate with that special someone, because he or she is out there! But for now... you can at least enjoy my fun pictures I got from Pinterest. They all have the word Love in it, and they remind me of love, so enjoy!

 (Note: I will never have another dog after Reggie, I couldn't do that to him, so this is more past tense)

Last Valentines Day was a special one for me. I will remember that day with fondness and look forward to the future of what is to come! So Happy Hearts Day everyone, may you feel special and loved on this day!



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