Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Sun is Coming

Wanna know what one of my favorite things is?? I thought so. Oh it is the turning of the seasons! Especially Winter to Spring. It is such a slow change but when you have lived in this beautiful state for 23 years, you get good at seeing the signs. It starts with the smell in the air. Don't you act like I'm crazy, I know you know what I'm talking about. You see the little green sprouts in the dirt rising up, and you can feel the slight warm breeze on your face. You see the kids outside running around, or you start hearing the sound of baseballs off a metal bat. You even literally start hearing the birds chirping. On campus you see girls trying to get away with wearing dresses or skirts and you just smile to yourself, because you know it isn't that warm out. Just a few of the simplicities I find in life. Spring to me is like new opportunities! New joys, old joys re-opened. Sand Volleyball. Kickball. Bike Rides, Hikes. What simple pleasures do you have?

Love and Spring Buds


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