Sunday, February 5, 2012

This One's for You Reggie

Reggie Moon
April 1997- February 1, 2012
I have known Reggie since I was 7. He was the cutest puppy at the farm when we got him, the runt of the litter. A lemon and white beagle, who runs away from people when they try to pet him, hold him, talk to him. A dog who snores even when he is awake. A dog who hates the water, is scared of pretty much anything and everything. A dog who would never hurt a fly, would let me hold him and kiss him until my heart was content. A dog who would sit at the bottom of the stairs waiting to greet you. He had the softest big beagle ears, and the roundest tummy. He wasn't perfect, but he was my baby boy, and I loved him. You don't think about the sadness of saying goodbye when you first get a puppy. But I don't know if I could put myself through the pain again. Even if one day I have children and they beg and plead with me. Reggie is the first one I have lost in my life of great significance, and I know he's a dog, but he was my family.The house is so quiet and sad without him, it's hard to be home right now. The day we said goodbye to him, was the most excruciating pain I have experienced. I got to hold him all day long, but handing him to my dad at the vet to have them put him down was the hardest thing I've ever done. I was in the car with my mom just yelling "nooooooooo," the whole time and sobbing. How does one ever move on from the loss of a loved one? This experience gives me empathy for those who lose family and friends. Death is a part of life, but man, do you ever really get over these things? 

 (the day we put him down)

Reggie, I love you and miss you with all my heart. You made our family so complete. Thank you for the memories and for being my buddy for the past 15 years. I'm sorry for suffocating you with hugs and kisses, you were just too cute for your own good. I pray that I will see you in Heaven, because Jesus knows how special you were to me. 

All My Love



  1. you will never get over it katie but you will start remembering the good times instead of the sad days at the end. he loved you just as much as you loved him and you all gave him a great life. I still cry about my dog sunny and will never forget her, just like you and Reggie. just know that he was loved as much as humanly possible and you will see him again in heaven. xoxo- chels

  2. Thank you Chels, very sweet and encouraging! I remember Sunny, she was a very sweet pup!