Tuesday, March 13, 2012

And Let the Studying Begin

Day 2 of Dead Week. Outside: Rain/ Snow. First class of the day was cancelled, so I am sneaking in a short blog post before I dive into homework time I didn't think I would get today. Don't you love when classes get cancelled?
The weather couldn't be more perfect for dead week. I have zero desire to go outside and waste time not studying. So this week and into next week this will be me:

This will also be me from time to time, where you can feel free to bring me coffee :) 

I will be done with finals a week from this Thursday, so I just need to keep the momentum until then. I apologize if you do not hear from me or see me for the next week and a half, don't take it personally I am just in a pretty committed relationship to school right now... and trust me school gets JEALOUS really easy.

And once finals are over, I am off to central Oregon for a few days, so that is my light at the end of the tunnel right now. Just gotta keep my head up! 

oh and P.S this morning I made oatmeal and coffee to take upstairs to continue getting ready for class... I fell SO hard on our hardwood floor downstairs. Coffee and oatmeal went flying! Talk about a bad start to the day. My right arm and right knee are pretty beat up, you will for sure be hearing about this in my happy's and crappy's  update later this week. I think people in the library are even getting strong whiffs of my coffee scent I am giving off because it spilled ALL over me. I just know I will be able to laugh later at this, when my bruises go away. ha. 

Love and Gaining Traction


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