Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Can you say ADD?

Day 3 of Dead Week: Stilllllll raining... surprised? No? Me neither.
Started the day at 6 this morning, went running with Evan (in the dark I might add with this change in daylight). After breakfast I watched a little "Smash" and then set my sights on my online final for my Metaphor Theory class (sounds sexy I know!) This was the final I wasn't so worried about... however it is now 2:15 pm and I have answered 1/ 9 of the questions. I think it's a mixture of it being harder than I anticipated so I have to do more reading, but I am struggling hard with a case of ADD right now. I have so much pent up energy I went to On Demand to see if they had any good dance programs under the "fitness" tab. Well I found one. Just a quick hip-hop routine I learned and have been practicing for the last half hour. Jeeeeeeez Katie, get to work! I am meeting my mom for dinner tonight at 5:30, which means I have 3 hours to get good work in. I suppose in the very least I can safely say I burned alot of calories today! I know I know its more important to finish my final, but if it makes you feel better it isn't due until next Wednesday, I was just trying to get a head start. Points? Ok fine... I am officially signing off here to start on Question #2. Ha! Oh gosh is it Thursday the 22nd yet? Spring Break come find me!!

Love and Fighting the Urge to Call Someone for ADD pills... jk?


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