Saturday, March 24, 2012


When I woke up yesterday, I had this overwhelming feeling of joy. I slept until my body woke me up rather than setting an alarm for 6 like I do everyday. It was so nice to get an actual 9 hours of sleep after a long night of dancing! This morning I finally didn't have to be anywhere until 1, so I knew it was the time to do a 9 mile run. It had been SO long. It was tough at times, but it felt so good when I got home. Then I got to be lazy, took a shower, made coffee and breakfast and watched One Tree Hill before I headed to work at 1. The sun was even out and shining, which I know God did that for me for my first day of Spring Break. 
While I was on my run though, I couldn't for some reason get that Brave Heart quote out of my mind, "They may take our lives, but they'll never take our Freedom!" It just kept running through my mind as I ran (yes, even in the Scottish accent Mel Gibson does) because in that hour and 15 mins of running I felt so free! Like a bird upon the wind (that's a metaphor, thank you Dr. Ritchie for making me obsessed with metaphors).
Today I woke up with the similar feeling of knowing that whatever I have going today, I am not dreading it, and wanting the day to be over already. Praise The Lord, what a great feeling that is. So today I am headed to a "cross-fit" work out this morning with some guy friends, and then I am having lunch and watching Smash with Adriana before I go to work this afternoon.
I know alot of you reading this probably do not have a Spring Break anymore, and are hating me a little while you read about my freedom when you still do not have yours. But that is why taking a Sabbath is so important my friends! John Mark talked about it at Solid Rock a few weeks back, and you can listen to it here. I highly recommend it. Rest is so important for us.
Tomorrow I leave for my trip, but I will be updating you from central Oregon, in a home where I find even more rest, and joy. So far looking at my window it looks like clear skies as the sun is fighting to shine. Have a great weekend, and do not forget to take time to rest!

Love and Freedom (That is so much more fun to say with a Scottish accent.. trust me)


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