Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Vs. Crappy

You know the deal...

-I already told you all about this a few posts ago, but my major crappy of the week was falling in my kitchen on the hardwood floor: spilling hot coffee down my front and throwing my full bowl of oatmeal in the air to land my bicep on the kitchen desk and knee to the floor. Bruises for dayssssss.
-The guilt I feel when I am not studying or progressing toward my degree in anyway. Oh the guilt!!
-Forgetting to return my RedBox movie from the weekend, racked up a good $5.00 bill. RedBox loves me.
- Having a customer at work acknowledge me as a prostitute when he asked me if I was for Hire for the weekend... Talk about uncomfortable.
- Having the urge to cut all my hair off because its in the awkward in between stage, but I want it to grow long and healthy so I can curl it again!

-It is almost Spring Break!! 4 days and counting
- I got a 100% on a term paper for one of my classes which relieves stress about having to get an A on the final.
- Found out one of my dear friends is getting married this summer (sorry I cannot announce who it is just yet because she wants it to remain a secret for awhile) and I get to be a bridesmaid!
- Celebrating my good friend Karrson's birthday on St. Patty's Day with good friends and lots of cake.
- Coffee date with my bestie Adriana, we can talk for daysssss.
- Dinner date with my mama.

Just wanted to get my quick update in here before I bury my head back into the books. Hope you are all having a blessed weekend!

Love and Finals


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