Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy's and Crappy's- From Redmond

The Weekly Schpeel of the ups and downs from Finals week coming to you straight from Redmond! And I am proud to say that this week in particular I have mostly Happy's to report!

(Me and my little seester Nattie)
(The Girlies)

-Well I did spend an awful amount of time studying, which does a great job of exhausting me. Also causes me to go a little mad.
- I did study hard, but two of my finals didn't go exactly how I thought they were going to. However I don't think it will drastically affect my grades.
-The wait... the wait to see what your final grades end up to be, almost kills you. The suspense!
- Why are some men sooo good at being creepy? I was leaving BushWhackers this week, and this man in a truck drove by me, stopped and reversed, rolled down his window and proceeded to ask if I needed a ride home. AHHH! Don't you realize how creepy you seem? Even if you had good intentions, it still is weird, leave me alone!

- For sure aced my comm 316 final which I studied soooo hard for!! It is the most wonderful feeling to have studying pay off. Anxious for my final grades.
- Worked 16 hours this week, and picked up my bonus check to put towards books for next term (which is kind of a crappy, but also a happy because I am becoming so adult-like right?)
- Thursday night dancing was sooo fun this week! Lots of good friends, and LOTS of dancing!
- Had a lunch date with Adriana which is always wonderful. And do you guys remember all of my lap top issues I have been having? Well my dear friend Adriana is letting me borrow one of her lap tops until I can afford a new one. What a blessing friends are, right?
- Went for a good 9 mile run on Friday, and then on Saturday had a good work out with Ev and Karrs at Cross Fit which is an awesome facility. I am feeling sore today my friends.
- Last night I went and saw The Hunger Games! SO good. I knew nothing about it when I went to it, but what a great story. I highly recommend it. I am going to buy the books today, and plan on reading the first one tonight.
- I am in Redmond now with my family, and in my second home. It feels so good to be here and rest. Mark is coming over tonight too, so good to see old friends!

So I am going to continue enjoying my spring break, and rest and relax. Hope I am finding you well my friends, and with as many happy's from your week as I have had. More photos to come too!

Love and Vacation


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