Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy's and Crappy's

This week has been such an immense blessing coming back from my long weekend retreat. I have felt so calm, and I have never felt so at peace with where I am at and with what the Lord is showing me in my life. So here are the events of the week:
(Dinner with Katie and Lindz)
(Brudder and seester Stacey)
(Me and Stacey)
(Little Niko)
(Nana and Papa to-be)

(Man's World)
-When I got home from my retreat I already told you how the lights went out in my neighborhood, which made me rush in the morning to finish my term paper. I ended up getting a B on it, but my professor told me in the comments that he could tell I rushed it, and it was a pity because the paper could have been so much more. I did not disagree with the man, I just thanked the good Lord for my B. 
-My running schedule in general is a crappy. The mornings when I do run longer distances, I have noticed that my body isn't in great long distance running shape anymore. I am hoping next term will be less writing intensive in my classes so I can hit the pavement for longer periods.
-GAS PRICES! Give me a break! I put $20.00 in my tank on Friday night, and by Monday I will be on Empty again. This is out of control. Which means next term I have decided to take the Max to school, which I am still unsure about, but I know it will save me money big time! (I know what you're thinking... Katie is 1) so green and 2) SO Portland. Next time you see me, I will be in Toms, geek glasses and have one of those hipster bikes)
- I am such a lame-o. I often find myself picking homework/ studying over hanging out with my friends. Whaaaa? Where did Katie from OSU go? who knows?! I study a lot. 

- Had dinner with two of my oldest friends Katie Westfall- Campbell and Lindsey Gross, for Lindsey's birthday. I Love how refreshing it is to be with them. 
-My Metaphor Theory professor decided to give us a take home final! 
- I continue to receive graduation information via e-mail and snail mail
- Just the overall sense of calm and patience I have had this week
- I went grocery shopping by myself at Trader Joes for the 1st time. I forgot how much I LOVE grocery shopping, and TJ is so great!
- My Accountant/ neighbor said I will most likely get a good amount of money back on my taxes!
- The sunny weather reminding me that spring is upon us!
- Spring Break Plans are set! Central Oregon here I come! Time for some family time, and relaxing in the beautiful city of Redmond. 
-Family time at my brother and sister-in-law's house to celebrate baby Moon who is growing so big and healthy, and to celebrate my brother's job promotion!

and that my friends is the weekly break down. 

Love and Looking for the Happy's

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