Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Inspiration You Need

For me, the feeling of inspiration is such a joy. You see something that sparks an interest, you experience an emotion that lifts your spirits. Where do you gain your inspiration? Perhaps watching a great movie, reading a good book, seeing a blog post, tasting a sweet dessert, seeing the mountains or the ocean right in front of you, receiving a kiss from the one that makes your insides tingle, a great outfit, a shade of new lipstick, a great photograph, holding a newborn baby in your arms, the smell of a new car, a coffee date with a friend, meeting someone with a great job, education, Pinterest for goodness' sake. Or maybe that's just me? But if I were ever to feel inspired it would be right here in central Oregon. The beautiful mountains staring back at me while I write this, and it could be that I am technically free being on spring break and on vacation, but boy do the mountains make me feel Free! Makes you think about what you really want from life. For me it makes me want to move into a cottage somewhere in the woods or on the country side where I can have my own work-space to write and to create. Makes me want to seriously consider writing as a means of living. What am I passionate about you ask? Writing. I could see myself writing for a living, and being perfectly content. I understand that right now I am hardly tied down to much other than school which will be done soon, and so it is alot easier for me to focus on my own personal inspiration rather than worrying about caring for a family. Nor do I/ will I have a degree in any sort of literary art or English. Still I dream of being one of those crazed artistic types who needs alone time to compose. I suppose if an opportunity presented itself down the road, I might be able to manage a company's blog or something. I would love that. Even if I am not writing about what personally inspires me. I just love to write. I know its all in God's hands. For now I stay diligent with that is before me: school, Nike, family, church and friends.

What inspires you my friends?

Love and Writing


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