Thursday, March 8, 2012

A little Mascara, and Some Encouragement

So I am in the midst of learning some new things about myself. I thought I might give you some insight into the inner workings of my heart. I love reading the blog from the women's ministry at Solid Rock "He Speaks in the Silence." Not only do I highly recommend it if you are a woman, but it might offer a man immense insight into the hearts of women as well. Right now Diane Comer is going through the series John Mark has spoken on before, which is the "4 Reasons for Marriage." The 4 reasons being 1. Friendship 2. Mission 3. Sexuality 4. Family
It is the sexuality aspect that I have been reading over and thinking about a lot lately. Diane mentions that a man desires to marry a beautiful woman. I think that all women desire to be found beautiful in some way, shape or form. From a young age I was taught how to act like a lady, and I grew up learning essentially how to be beautiful. But Diane made a good point: That you need to be your own version of beautiful, and enhance your own personal features. We as women want to be seen as expressing beauty, so why wouldn't we enhance the features we already possess? So for me... I run in the mornings to stay in shape. I moisturize and wear perfume to have nice skin and smell beautiful. I somewhat recently cut my hair to get it healthy, I wear some makeup to enhance my eyes. I am learning still how to dress effectively for my pear shaped body that is modest and attractive at the same time (modest being the key ladies). But these are all physical examples. I think what right now is intriguing me the most is the internal characteristics that make someone beautiful. It’s easy to pick at the physical characteristics, and to tell yourself you will never look like you should, or you couldn’t possibly be pretty enough for this man, but what if we concentrated more of our energy into how we can be beautiful from the inside out? As cliché as that term may be, I think there is a lot of truth in it, and a good man who follows after Jesus will not only see these inner characteristics but he will be intrigued by them and notice your beauty. So here is what I am working on and working through:

Encourage Others (This is something I am really trying to be better at!)
Memorize Scripture
Speak kindly and Speak with Scripture
Emotions are a great thing to have, but I am working on developing the logical side to my decision making as well

The list could go on of course, but I will stop here, because it's easier for me to focus on smaller lists first. Please understand something though, The Lord takes Great Delight in you, just the way you were made. Please do not let any man, woman, person take that from you. Even in your weakest of moments remember that you are beautiful in your own unique way, and you know who loves you most for that? Your Father in Heaven does. And when you get hurt, (notice I said when, not if) not only do you know who you can run to, but might I suggest dancing in your house when no one else is home... it ALWAYS makes me feel better :)

So here is to creating beauty wherever you go, may you never forget how lovely you truly are. 

Love and Lip Gloss


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